No Idle Word.. Update..

No Idle Word is now available in paperback! Thank you all for your support. Click here to purchase.

Poetry Contest

Hey there lovely people. Im stopping by to tell you about an awesome opportunity. There is currently a poetry contest where the winner can win $500. They are currently accepting late submissions. If your interested you still have time. Click the link below to sign up!

First Poems of 2019, Realistic Poetry


I am not the organizer of this contest. I am all about promoting poetry. Please read all subscription details pertaining to the contest.


Yayyy Announcement…

I hope everyone’s day I going well. Mine is smooth sailing because I have an exciting announcement to share. So exciting guys, like really exciting. I know you are sitting on the edge of your seats saying, get to it already. So without further ado. Drum roll please!

That’s right its coming May 7th of 2019. Mark your calendars. Make room on your shelves and kindle libraries. It’s going down!

I’m pumped, excited and just down right happy over this goal. I have been working on this project for a while and the end is near. Well not the end but the completion of this book is near. My hope is that you all love it just as much as I do. Stay tuned for more details as they come. And like I always say…



I Write…

I write because its the only voice I may have some days
I write so that planets dont fall from the sky
So birds will sing their early morning songs on my windowsil
I write to abandon my fears
I write so the ground does not birth earthquakes
I write so I don’t leave my trail on sunken ground
I write so I dont forget whose hands I stare into
I write so the pen doesn’t haunt my dreams
I write so the smell of turning pages makes you smile
I write so fire can dance at night
And maybe you will too
I write so love will find its place on your shoulders
Hug you through your giggles
I write so tears dont become waterfalls
I write so the lines on the paper won’t eat me alive
I write so that erasers turn to rocks
I write
so that I can leave a reminder
That I was here

Stay Tuned for more poetry… No Line Left Behind.. Breathe….

Coming soon… No Idle Word…

Friday Fun Day… Love

So it’s Friday and instead of poetry, we have music for your listening pleasure. The hubby and I were head bobbing while rolling around yesterday and this song came on and it was love. Hip hop is not the same. The message has changed and it has lost its substance. I used to love her. Now, she is just a memory from a not so distant past.

I start to think, and then I sink
Into the paper, like I was ink
When I’m writing, I’m trapped in between the lines
I escape, when I finish the rhyme
I start to think, and then I sink
Into the paper, like I was ink
When I’m writing, I’m trapped in between the lines
I escape, when I finish

I got love, l-o-v-e and I be
Love, l-o-v-e to emcee

Get love, l-o-v-e and I be
Love, l-o-v-e, I emcee
Get love, l-o-v-e and I be
Love, l-o-v-e to emcee
Get love, l-o-v-e and I be
(love, love) 
The M-O-S D-E-Finitely

I love the first verse of this song… It’s love, yall!

Enjoy your day! Remember to Leave No Line Left Behind… and don’t forget to Breathe!

If I Could…

Hey there it’s Tuesday and we got poetry (Yayyyy).

If I Could…

If I could bend the sky for you
Turn this world on its axis
Maybe fold it
Hmm, maybe hold it.

If I could pull a cloud from its home
Place it under your head and watch you sleep
If I could grab the sun rays and sprinkle it’s light in your coffee
If I could carry a river in my arms
I would be the well you drink from
If I could place the moon on your night stand

I could shed light in your darkness
If I could swallow the rain
If I could capture the winds in a bottle
So you can stand tall in the storm
If I could crumble mountains you would never have to climb
If I.
If I could do these for myself

I would do it for you.

Stay tuned …No Line Left Behind… Just Breathe….

Wisdom Wednesday..

Hey there lovely people. I hope your day is bright and going well. There is only one piece of wisdom I leave with you today.

“Pray for your victories. The struggle is not the destination”.

I have been thinking about this all morning. I woke up thinking about victory. What does it mean to you to be victorious? We all go through life’s struggles but we dont have to stay there. Yes, its easy to wallow in it. It’s easier not to face struggle and to coward down in it’s face. But what good is that? What good is it, that you lay down and give up? What if the very thing you need is right there around the corner? What if it’s a knock away on the door of opportunity? If we give up and coward, we never learn what victory is.

Be victorious today. That extra mile you wanted to walk but didnt think you could make it, walk it. That promotion you want, go for it. They can only say no. Look “No” in the face and say move, so that you can get to the next opportunity. You got this!

Stay tuned…New Blogs and Content…More Poetry… No Line Left Behind… Just Breathe!