Who Am I…

Hello lovely people!!!

Thats right its Sunday and since we are all in our homes trying to stay safe and healthy, I figured that I drop a poem for you all. There is a challenge that is happening across Instagram and Facebook called the, “Who Am I Challenge”. The idea is for all poets to write a poem and upload a video onto either platform with you performing it. If you are tagged by a poet you have 24 hours to respond with our poem. I was not tagged I wanted to jump right in there and shoot my shot. So I did.

Here is a video of my poem, “Who am I”…


Let’s keep this thing going! Post your Who Am I poem!!

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Remember that we are all but shattered Mirrors looking to mend our images.

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Artist – Alexander Nanitchkov

I imagine she is thinking

Thinking of change

Thinking of future and present

I am going to use my gift to set the sun on fire

And these tears will fill the ocean

I will be unstoppable

I wont be silent

I will write my life in blood if I have to

Leave my chocolate skin on the tongues of many

They will pick peices of me from their teeth

They will breathe in the scent of my worth

They will remember my name.
©2019 Tehilayah Ysrayl

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Poetry Contest

Hey there lovely people. Im stopping by to tell you about an awesome opportunity. There is currently a poetry contest where the winner can win $500. They are currently accepting late submissions. If your interested you still have time. Click the link below to sign up!

First Poems of 2019, Realistic Poetry


I am not the organizer of this contest. I am all about promoting poetry. Please read all subscription details pertaining to the contest.


Summer Time

Photo by Sam Burriss on Unsplash


The sun rises and sets

The same way a black boy raises his hand

Finger on the trigger

Beams like sun rays on your skin


Beads of sweat

Form like tears

Funeral processions with a sight

Like sold out concerts

Backyard barbecues

Make graveyard memories

Just because




100 degrees too hot

But the Block is hotter

Death hides itself in winter only to

Drive by your big mamas house

Yellow tape wrapped around your block

Gift of homicide

Prime delivered to your door step

And we are only

2 days



© 2018 Tehilayah Ysrayl

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Poetry Never Stops


As we know National Poetry Month 2018 ended a couple of days ago. Does that mean that poetry should not be celebrated? Should we tuck it away until April 2019? Should we stop it all together? No, poetry never ends, it goes on. It’s in the very fabric of our beings and we find poetry in everything. It’s in the way a mother looks at her children. The way a baby opens his eyes to hear the voice of his father for the first time. Its how grandpa and grandma hold hands like their love is sprouting anew. Poetry is in the caress of the wind on a hot summers day. Poetry is___________.

You can fill that in with whatever you desire and call it “Poetry.”


Vulnerability is one of the important parts of poetry. It’s a moment of truth. The definition of vulnerable is the capability of being physically or emotionally wounded (source: Merriam Webster). Poets are sometimes people with a heavy past, and that’s okay! Matter of fact that’s great because you have something to speak about. In speaking about it in a poetic way you can bring about healing. You allow yourself to be vulnerable and open to not only yourself but for others.

Currently, I have some poetry work in process. Be on the lookout for that. (That’s my 1-second plug, lol). Now back to what we are discussing.

T-Mock 1
Release Date TBA. Stay Glued.

I have a poem that for me, is my truth. It’s pain seen through my eyes but I know I am not the only one with a story like this. We all are connected some way or another. The poem, however, doesn’t shed a good light on a situation and or person. Initially, this poem was a part of the work and I removed it. I felt as if I would stir up old wounds and cause strife in some relationships. I was so bent out of shape about it that I was ready to throw the baby out with the bath water. I was ready to call the whole thing quits. I felt like someone was placing duck tape over my mouth to shut me up. So, I took it out! I even sought advice from a dear friend who suggested that I write it in 3rd person.

I pondered it. I started to rewrite and I paused. But again, poetry doesn’t stop because I did. I sought out some more wisdom. Wisdom said, “Don’t leave it out, that’s your truth. Never let anyone silence your truth.” That was what I needed to hear, never silence your truth! So yes, I am going to put it back in the work because the words must go on. Stains need to be left on the lines. Healing needs to come forth. The funny thing about healing is that you first have to have a wound. That wound is the vulnerability. Find that vulnerability and let the pen bleed.

Remember that poetry never stops we just stop being vulnerable. We find a way to cover up that vulnerability with steel (which is more like aluminum foil, because aluminum foil cant protect that heart of yours, lol). We have been lead to believe that being vulnerable is weak. But vulnerability is a strength. Its because you’re not afraid to stand in the face of whatever pain you have and demand it’s exit. That vulnerability is what makes great poetry. My husband always tells me, “leave it all on the page.” So, I will carry on that wisdom to you. Never let anyone silence your truths and leave it all on the page.

Poetry can’t stop and won’t stop!

Until next time beautiful people, leave No Line Left Behind. Peace!

The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me.

Like any journey there are uncertainties. But how would we know what the journey holds if we do not at least try to experience it? Introductions are always awkward and sometimes uneasy so we will just jump into it.

My name is Tehilayah (pronounced, Te-hil -la -yah). Simple right? My name means, “Song of Praise to Yah”. Can you believe that I like singing? Yes, I sing everything. I make everything a song. For example, I sang instructions to my children to get ready for bed. Yes, there was a whole song. I personally thought it was cool but the look on my children’s faces said otherwise. It’s the side of me that’s goofy and carefree. I am a wife to an amazing and supportive man who pushes me to step out my comfort zones. Sometimes I can be a bit stubborn but I have learned that after 15 years of him pushing me, he has never failed me.

But on to the most important thing about me. That’s what we are all here for, right? Well, I am a Poet. No Line Left Behind is about leaving it on the page. No matter the feeling, pain or passion, we leave it on the page. No line is left behind here. So buckle up and get ready. There are no filters here just ink on paper or in this case, keystrokes on screens.


Do not expect me to be silent, however

I do not need a mic to speak

I am impregnated with thoughts

I can birth words through these hips

My birthing stool be a notepad

These pains wont let me go

Dripping blood from my pen

I am leaving traces that stains the lines

© 2018 Tehilayah Ysrayl

Be on the look out for more poetry. So until the next time leave “No Line Left Behind”.