Do It Again…

Good Morning and Good Evening to some. I wanted to start thankful Thursday off with this. A little Poetic Praise. Hope you enjoy this poem called, Do It Again!

I checked your record today
You have never lost a battle
You have never been defeated
You have never been late to deliver
It is you who is majestic and mighty
Your name goes before you and the enemy flees
By the essence of your Ruach (spirit) I’m free
In the fullness of your presence
I dwell in safety
The heaven bows at your esteem
For you are higher
The earth is a resting place for your feet
You never tire
You never slumber
When you breathe the wind blows
Your record is clean
You have never lost a battle
Never been defeated
Always ready to deliver a people that run to you and from you
You are my confidence and hope
I expect you because failure is not in your character
In the fullness of your presence is the evidence
You win our hearts over and over
With countless victories
Do it again

©2019 Tehilayah Ysrayl

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Have a blessed and stupendous day!


I hope everyone is well. That life has giving you smiles even in storms. I made a goal to post more blogs this year and for certain I plan to keep that goal. As you can see I said, I plan. Funny how plans change.

“Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans.” -John Lennon


A list of steps with details and timing requirements, used to acheive a goal.

We all have them. We plan this and we plan that. We build up these intentions and they are just that intentions. They are our, “almost made it, but… Life happened and that’s okay.

We don’t have to make excuses. Let your yes be yes and your no be no. If you cant make that goal. Scratch it out your calendar and make another one. Why give an excuse to yourself. Makes no sense. Be true to you. If you can’t do it, you cant do it. Don’t feel bad about it.

So what am I saying? I don’t always stick too the plans in my calendar. In fact I believe the most high Yah’s plans always prevail. So no longer will I feel bad about missed goals. I know that there was a better goal in mind that I had yet to even ponder. Maybe I needed to brainstorm a little more. Maybe my vision was to small or maybe it was too big and I needed to downsize. Whatever it is, I’m trying to not be so hard on myself for missed goals. Sometimes you need to make a goal to make a goal, if that makes any sense.

So yes, I will blog more. However, I will not pressure myself our feel bad when I don’t. Neither should you. So far I think I’m on a roll this year.

Never forget to celebrate the small victories!

No Line Left Behind….Just Breathe!!

Wisdom Wednesday..

Hey there lovely people. I hope your day is bright and going well. There is only one piece of wisdom I leave with you today.

“Pray for your victories. The struggle is not the destination”.

I have been thinking about this all morning. I woke up thinking about victory. What does it mean to you to be victorious? We all go through life’s struggles but we dont have to stay there. Yes, its easy to wallow in it. It’s easier not to face struggle and to coward down in it’s face. But what good is that? What good is it, that you lay down and give up? What if the very thing you need is right there around the corner? What if it’s a knock away on the door of opportunity? If we give up and coward, we never learn what victory is.

Be victorious today. That extra mile you wanted to walk but didnt think you could make it, walk it. That promotion you want, go for it. They can only say no. Look “No” in the face and say move, so that you can get to the next opportunity. You got this!

Stay tuned…New Blogs and Content…More Poetry… No Line Left Behind… Just Breathe!

Fall Through..

He said his lips

were holy

Said that I would ascend

to new heights with his kiss.

Didnt know

that when I kissed him

I would fall through his love

instead of into it.

© 2018 Tehilayah Ysrayl


Quiet Time…

Take the time to sit quietly. Enjoy the peace of stillness. Silence the chaos around you. Defeat your anxiety. Taste your smile. And do it as often as you need so that you can be a light even to your self, so you can find the path back to you!

Make the rest of the week great!

Remember, No Line Left Behind!!

Poetry Prompt Assignment with my Son

How’s it going lovely people? Back at it again. It’s Wisdom Wednesday. I don’t have any wisdom for you today dear friends but I do have poetry.

Photo by Gaurang Alat on Unsplash

So my son had an assignment at school in reference to the civil war. He received a rubric that had nine boxes with details on choices for the assignments. He only had to pick three to complete the assignment. The choices that he made were to write a 1- page essay on a Civil War General, Create a new paper article discussing the details of the battle of your choosing, being sure the narrative shows what side you are on and writing a poem. Now you have to know that I was excited when he chose, a poem.

The poem had to be about the thoughts of slaves during the time of Civil War. Boy, was I excited? My son had asked me to help him write a poem, Y’all!

A little about my son… He is a very talented young man. I’m not saying this because he’s my son. He just is. He is very creative with his words as he is a lyricist. Poetry to him is hard for some reason but you give him a beat and words just flow like a river from his lips. I explained that poetry is not a far-off journey from hip-hop. Its not the exact same but they are related. Something like siblings, brother, and sister. Hip-hop has always been an expression of voice it just has a lyrical rhythm that you can bob your head to. Poetry can also be placed over music as well. I’ve done it in the past and it was amazing. It actually gave my poetry the extra umph that I was looking for.

On to the assignment.

I asked him what he thought the slaves would think around that time (civil war). His first thought was “questions, they would have so many questions”.

Photo by Zulmaury Saavedra on Unsplash

I have this book and it is a slave narrative. We read and read just to get ideas. This helped put him in the mindset of what they could have been thinking around that time. Most of what we read showed confusion and hopelessness. After reading these narratives a poem was created. (I have full permission to post this poem on his behalf).

Questions of a Slave (Written in the tone of a slave)
© 2018 Caeden “Hezekiyah” Humphrey

Is I free?
Is I a slave?
My feet wanna run fo freedom
But freedom is a long path away
dem Yankees I pose
a friend
dats what the lettahs say
my massa say he eat breakfast at home
fight the north
and be back before dinner is done
but the table been set for 3 long years
and he ain’t ate dinner yet
the whip still sing songs
the cotton field be blood red
strange fruit still growing from trees
ova my head
Is I free?
Is I a slave?
My feet wanna run fo freedom
Photo by Trisha Downing on Unsplash

I really hope he gets an A!

No Line was left behind.. Great job Son!

Peace my beautiful people!

“The Vibe”

Hey, there beautiful people. I don’t know about you guys, but there is a certain way this girl writes poetry. I call it, “The Vibe”. I personally don’t like to write assigned poetry. I really suck at it. For example, write me a poem about a little yellow bird. Yeah, can’t do it, lol. However, I don’t knock it either. I’ve read some great poems written that had a subject matter assigned to them. The people that have that talent are truly awesome. But for me to pick up the pen, there has to be a “vibe” to it. Every time I have ever tried to write a poem with an assigned subject it was an epic fail. My all wasn’t put into it. So, I write when the vibe comes. And if it just so happens, that it falls into the assigned subject it’s a win-win. I just have to have the “vibe”. If you are like me then you always have a handy dandy notebook and pen hidden somewhere on your person when the vibe comes.

So, what is the vibe? Well, the vibe is the inspiration. It’s the feeling that you get when you see a photo, a person or even hear a word. It triggers something in you. Whether that feeling is from pain or joy. You get this feeling in your gut. Sometimes it’s an ah-ha moment. It may make the hairs on your arms stand up. Tears may find themselves leaving tracks on your face, and anger may cause your nostrils to flare, so you write.

The Vibe is a dance with language. It’s the tango with metaphors and the cha-cha slide with stanzas. Its a waltz with a haiku and a 2 step dance battle with the spoken word. Yesss! It’s “The Vibe”.

Have you ever had that vibe broken? Whew… it can be the worse. Can you say, “flow wrecked”? You lose that rhythm and the poem seems to lose its passion. If “The Vibe” can be described in a better way, it would be PASSION! Can we get a do not interrupt the vibe sign to tape on our foreheads, lol? I’m laughing but being a karate mom and a wife I need one.

The vibe has a rhythm of its own. If you’re are not careful you may dance with two left feet and that’s not good for the lines on the page. I find that when I stay in rhythm with the vibe my poetry is not idle. It heals and provides an increase that subject driven poetry doesn’t bring for me. I imagine that the greatest poets also let their pens dance to the rhythm of “The Vibe”.

What’s your favorite poetry writing style?
Vibe or No Vibe?
Post your comments.
There’s no wrong answer. It’s all love.

Remember that No Line is Left Behind!

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