I miss you even on the brightest of days.

Some how the sun is artificial when you’re not around.

©2019 Tehilayah Ysrayl

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6 Things I learned at My First Book Signing…

Hey there lovely people. Today was the big day. Thats right, my first ever book signing!

I hosted the book signing at a local book store called Half Price Books. Awesome books for half the cost. The name of the store is true. You can find all kinds of books for half the price. You can also sell your gently used books to the store and earn some cash. This store was intimate and busy! This was a plus for me. The people were great! So things I learned, hmm.

First, I was set up in the front of the store by the door. Awesome sauce! I say this as a preface to my first lesson.

1. You can not be afraid to speak to people. You have to get out there and sell yourself. People will just waltz right passed you and not say a word. Not one Idle Word. You see what I did here. Lol. Be prepared to have a conversation starter to break the ice. I am not one to be afraid to speak to people so this wasn’t too hard.

2. Keep the conversation going. Once you introduce yourself be prepared to answer some more questions. One of the many questions I got was, “Are you from here?” The answer of course. I live right here in the city. I’m “your” local poet. Many people were so surprised and elated that a local gal like me had released her first collection of poetry. That alone made them want to support.

3. Social media is important. We live in a time where social media is used as a means for review and advertisement. People want to follow you. They want to know what kind of presence you have. I had these bookmarks/business cards created with all my social media handles and I passed them out to many. People were so happy and immediately I recieved follow request. Awesome!

4. Thank people for their support even if they don’t buy your book. This leaves room for them to support you in other ways. Following on social media. Spreading news to their friends about upcoming events and where to purchase the book in the future. Trust me those business cards are lifesavers.

5. Accept different forms of payment. Yes, not all people carry cash. But if they do make sure you have change. That could be a huge deterrent from people buying your book. I have a square reader and a cash app. These were essential in making my transactions seamless. People were eager once they knew that cash was not their only option as a form of payment.

Last but not least. It’s actually pretty important.

6. Have a great support system. I had my husband and biggest fan with me pushing me and promoting right along side. He was also my camera man. So shouts out to my best friend/hubby for the support. My mom and sister also stopped by. Shouts out to you guys too. You rock!!!

All in all, this was a great experience. A couple of people asked me to read a poem and this intrigued them even more. Cool Points!!

I’m looking forward to the next one and the next one and the next one. Take a look at some of the pics. Enjoy the rest of your day and remember to leave no line left behind.

These kids were sooo AWESOME!!!

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Tongue Fights

The tongue is a mightier than the sword.

I guess thats why so many of us have severed lips.

©2019 Tehilayah Ysrayl

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The Discipline to Love Self

Self love is on a rise. This is a great thing. People are looking to heal instead of hurt. We live in a society where our mental and emotional beings take a back seat to every distraction that takes away our peace. But today we are healing! Today we facing our traumas without fear. We are taking back our peace, hope, laughter and love. We are becoming more available to ourselves. We are learning to love ourselves again.

It’s important to remember in loving ourselves that we don’t become so self absorbed that we miss our own healing. We could walk right passed the trauma and into the arms of a whole new chapter, one in which we become the traumatiser. It’s extremely important that we don’t become so emotionally attached to ourselves that we disconnect and empathy for others takes a back seat to our facade of healing. Yes, I called it a facade. If you do that or find yourself in this place then your healing isn’t real. Healing is a place where understanding and wisdom meet. It’s where you are comfortable in your own skin and your reactions and inactions are under control. In this space there are certain things that dont move you any more.

The slick comment about your “little” accomplishment…unmoved.

The small chuckles when you walk in a room…unmoved.

The ignored communication…unmoved.

Blatant disrespect…ummoved

Others people’s controlling behaviors…unmoved.

You realize that peace is what you desire above all things. Peace is not all still waters and cool breezes. It’s about being surrounded by the chaos and keeping your calm.

It takes a certain strength in the discipline to self love. A strength that come from humbleness and complete awareness of your behaviours. So when we begin to face our traumas and battle against our fears it is imperative that we take caution and pace ourselves on our path to healing. Let us all be conscience of our growth and disciplined in our peace.

The discipline to love self is a lifelong path. It doesnt end after you’ve faced your fears but it has only just begun. Safe travels to you on your healing journey.

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and Stop…

Do you know How does it feel to mourn everyday
Tears falling from cant see morning to cant see night
Storm outta not come
Cause My tears are flood waters
I build a damn from the pits of this soul
Another breathe released from its lungs
More bodies cradled in caskets
Another mother builds
a damn
There are only a few people who give a damn
And we tear down those damns
Only fears we have are from those who look like us
Breath like us
And stop
Like us
Our fear taught us how not
to hate the enemy
Only hate ourselves
Only hate those who breathe like us
And stop
It’s not about community anymore
No more borrowing sugar
Cause it will just taste like salt anyway
Bitter and pained
Everyman for himself
Put your love in your back pocket
This aint that
throw your softness overboard
Take your kindness with it
Hard bodies make it easier to hear them drop
Roses no longer grow from concrete
They only grow in graveyards
Funeral homes become family reunions
Pall bearers electric slide Caskets into hurses
Cause nobody is stepping in the name of love
But our Court is held in the street
All rise
Or all fall
Jury of our peers
Shoot out at the mall
Drive by at mama’s house
Gun fight in the children’s zoo parking lot
Cause we know what it feels like to mourn every day
and Build more damns
Just so we can graffiti their tombstones on them
Memorialize them to live forever on white tees
And forget about them in our hearts
Tattoo them on our forearms cause it’s the only way we can hug them again
These streets hard
This world harder
These crys loud
These tears louder
This pain loud
This healing louder
This life hard
This breath louder
Until it’s not
Until it stops

©2019Tehilayah Ysrayl

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Soul Delicacies

Hello lovely people. It’s been a while. Life had been extremely busy. My pen has been a little dry. It seems like it has taken another direction. Not sure I can take on this task but nothing fails but a try.

Check out my new poem below. When fewer the words, sometimes they have more of an impact.

Soul Delicacies

I tasted a soul once

Let the flavor linger on my tongue

Enjoyed the sweet and the bitter

Swallowed with regret

and craved more

But he was all gone

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©2019 Tehilayah Ysrayl

I Write…

I write because its the only voice I may have some days
I write so that planets dont fall from the sky
So birds will sing their early morning songs on my windowsil
I write to abandon my fears
I write so the ground does not birth earthquakes
I write so I don’t leave my trail on sunken ground
I write so I dont forget whose hands I stare into
I write so the pen doesn’t haunt my dreams
I write so the smell of turning pages makes you smile
I write so fire can dance at night
And maybe you will too
I write so love will find its place on your shoulders
Hug you through your giggles
I write so tears dont become waterfalls
I write so the lines on the paper won’t eat me alive
I write so that erasers turn to rocks
I write
so that I can leave a reminder
That I was here

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