Poetry Competitions, Submissions & Opportunities – July 2020

Over 130 poetry competitions, writing submissions & opportunities open or with deadlines in July 2020.

Poetry Competitions, Submissions & Opportunities – July 2020

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The Line up…

It’s Thursday Y’all and what better way to show some love. Check out this poem from poets Kodak and Self the Poet called, “The Line Up”.

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and Stop…

Do you know How does it feel to mourn everyday
Tears falling from cant see morning to cant see night
Storm outta not come
Cause My tears are flood waters
I build a damn from the pits of this soul
Another breathe released from its lungs
More bodies cradled in caskets
Another mother builds
a damn
There are only a few people who give a damn
And we tear down those damns
Only fears we have are from those who look like us
Breath like us
And stop
Like us
Our fear taught us how not
to hate the enemy
Only hate ourselves
Only hate those who breathe like us
And stop
It’s not about community anymore
No more borrowing sugar
Cause it will just taste like salt anyway
Bitter and pained
Everyman for himself
Put your love in your back pocket
This aint that
throw your softness overboard
Take your kindness with it
Hard bodies make it easier to hear them drop
Roses no longer grow from concrete
They only grow in graveyards
Funeral homes become family reunions
Pall bearers electric slide Caskets into hurses
Cause nobody is stepping in the name of love
But our Court is held in the street
All rise
Or all fall
Jury of our peers
Shoot out at the mall
Drive by at mama’s house
Gun fight in the children’s zoo parking lot
Cause we know what it feels like to mourn every day
and Build more damns
Just so we can graffiti their tombstones on them
Memorialize them to live forever on white tees
And forget about them in our hearts
Tattoo them on our forearms cause it’s the only way we can hug them again
These streets hard
This world harder
These crys loud
These tears louder
This pain loud
This healing louder
This life hard
This breath louder
Until it’s not
Until it stops

©2019Tehilayah Ysrayl

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I Write…

I write because its the only voice I may have some days
I write so that planets dont fall from the sky
So birds will sing their early morning songs on my windowsil
I write to abandon my fears
I write so the ground does not birth earthquakes
I write so I don’t leave my trail on sunken ground
I write so I dont forget whose hands I stare into
I write so the pen doesn’t haunt my dreams
I write so the smell of turning pages makes you smile
I write so fire can dance at night
And maybe you will too
I write so love will find its place on your shoulders
Hug you through your giggles
I write so tears dont become waterfalls
I write so the lines on the paper won’t eat me alive
I write so that erasers turn to rocks
I write
so that I can leave a reminder
That I was here

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Thank you…

I am not one to be ungrateful. I love to celebrate the small accomplishments. Because once the larger accomplishments and goals are met you can be humbly grateful. So I want to say, “thank you”.

Thank You for your support of No Line Left Behind. Though I was waiting until I hit 70 subscribers, 68 is a better accomplishment because truth is, I didnt know I could do this in the first place. I know 68 seems miniscule to the thousands of subscribers some have. I just appreciate the humble beginnings. I know I’m not as consistant as other bloggers but I’m trying. This has been really far out of my comfort zone, however this experience has been rewarding. So again thank you.

I am setting new goals and looking for a new aim. All in the meantime being a wife, mom, daughter, sister and friend. Evaluating and transforming my mind to be the best version of me is my goal. So to all those who support me, know that you are appreciated. Your likes do not go unnoticed!

Always be the best you even when no one is watching!

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Pen Speak…

I write on these lines with my tears
My body a pen with words I cant not muster
So I cry more
Staining the pages
Cupping this body between my fingers
Delicate its intentions
And I cry more
Hoping this peice speaks to me
For me
With me
Hoping the ending stanza frees me

© 2018 Tehilayah Ysrayl

No Line Left Behind…

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Brush Strokes

I could never paint the sky as beautiful as the sun has done
I could paint the earth with my wondering

Leave my signature in footprints for remembrance
But I rather paint the hearts of people the color of love
© 2018 Tehilayah Ysrayl


No Line Left Behind…

Karate Mom Chronicles

Photo by Jason Briscoe on Unsplash

My life is busy and it doesn’t leave too much room for free time but I make some anyhow. Well on Friday 5-18-2018 it was “bring your mom to karate” day. I decided to partake, why did I do this? Let’s just say that afterward, I had an achy wrist.

Do you see the picture above. My experience looked nothing like that, lol. In my mind it did though.


It was very eventful. I was able to see how the children felt when in karate mode. I learned how to take someone down who was trying to choke me out. Pretty cool! Now, will I use this if that was to ever happen? I don’t know, lol. The first thing that you are taught to do is not to panic. Well, I have this thing about my neck. Hands don’t go there, lbvs. I had a bad experience as a child and it was not a great one. I literally was almost suffocated on the playground. So anytime there are hands around my neck or even if I am congested, I tend to panic.

Enough about my fears. You probably are thinking come on get to the good stuff. Well… it was fun but going back looking at the video was hilarious. I looked crazy! I was going to post the video but instead, I decided to take some shots from the video to share. I cant have Y’all seeing me flailing around like a chicken with my head cut off. That’s not a good look.

First, we did the basic things. We started off with different types of punches as a group. We had the reverse punch, the jab and cross punch, elbow strikes and palm strikes. Then we moved on to how to get out of a bear hug. My lovely 8-year-old was my partner. You can just imagine how that worked, lol. I would’ve had some pics of that but my cameraman (son) was distracted.

Then there was on to the getting out of a choke hold. This exercise was fun. It was fake so I didn’t panic. However, when someone has there hands around your neck, the first rule of thumb is not to panic. Once you are past the panic phase then you would grab their elbow opposite your dominant hand. Pull them forward, reach around their head with your free hand and grab an ear, eye socket or their carotid artery and pull hard. This will make you attacker release you. I must make a disclaimer, Please do not try this at home. Only a professional can show you how this is done so as not to hurt the person you are partnering with. I am not a professional nor am I liable for any injuries.

It was then on to the heavy bag (this is where I hurt my wrist). We did roundhouse kicks, palm strikes, stepping back fist and elbow strikes. Each time you make a strike we had to say Kiai. Most people see this rendered as hi-yah in writing.


Now, Kiai also pronounced ki-yah or Ki-ah is the sound that is made to startle your opponent. The karate instructor always says harness the power of the Kiai whenever you are making a strike. The term Ki means mood or energy. The kiai is taught as a breathing technique as this sound does not come from your throat but from your stomach. Yeah, I can do it right.

Now Fridays are sparing days. Good thing the moms didn’t have to do this. My son was extremely excited about this but was let down when the instructor said that moms couldn’t spar. I quote him, “Mom, you about to get these hands”. No way was that about to happen. He was going to have a rude awakening if that is what he thought, lol. I may not know karate but I can pull the “Remember I am your mother” card real quick and shut it all down, lol.

I think the most fun part for me was the Samurai Run. I ran alright, lol. I ran away from the person I was competing against. It was simple, you run down to the opposite side of the dojo doing a technique the instructor yells out. Once to the other side you turn around, run back and touch the wall. You then have to make it to the middle of the floor before your other opponent to grab the samurai sword (it was foam, lol) and tap your opponent. I lost! I was so busy running to not get tapped that I didn’t pick up the sword.

Being a karate mom is cool. It was nice to learn a few self-defense moves. You never know when you may have to use them. It was empowering. Now I am really thinking about joining the dojo. Maybe I’ll be a black belt karate mom, hmm. I can see it, karate mom by day and ninja mom by night, lol. I’m just kidding.
I know this was not the norm of what you see from me but I had to share this experience.


Until next time leave no line left behind!

Photo by Jyotirmoy Gupta on Unsplash

Poetry Never Stops


As we know National Poetry Month 2018 ended a couple of days ago. Does that mean that poetry should not be celebrated? Should we tuck it away until April 2019? Should we stop it all together? No, poetry never ends, it goes on. It’s in the very fabric of our beings and we find poetry in everything. It’s in the way a mother looks at her children. The way a baby opens his eyes to hear the voice of his father for the first time. Its how grandpa and grandma hold hands like their love is sprouting anew. Poetry is in the caress of the wind on a hot summers day. Poetry is___________.

You can fill that in with whatever you desire and call it “Poetry.”


Vulnerability is one of the important parts of poetry. It’s a moment of truth. The definition of vulnerable is the capability of being physically or emotionally wounded (source: Merriam Webster). Poets are sometimes people with a heavy past, and that’s okay! Matter of fact that’s great because you have something to speak about. In speaking about it in a poetic way you can bring about healing. You allow yourself to be vulnerable and open to not only yourself but for others.

Currently, I have some poetry work in process. Be on the lookout for that. (That’s my 1-second plug, lol). Now back to what we are discussing.

T-Mock 1
Release Date TBA. Stay Glued.

I have a poem that for me, is my truth. It’s pain seen through my eyes but I know I am not the only one with a story like this. We all are connected some way or another. The poem, however, doesn’t shed a good light on a situation and or person. Initially, this poem was a part of the work and I removed it. I felt as if I would stir up old wounds and cause strife in some relationships. I was so bent out of shape about it that I was ready to throw the baby out with the bath water. I was ready to call the whole thing quits. I felt like someone was placing duck tape over my mouth to shut me up. So, I took it out! I even sought advice from a dear friend who suggested that I write it in 3rd person.

I pondered it. I started to rewrite and I paused. But again, poetry doesn’t stop because I did. I sought out some more wisdom. Wisdom said, “Don’t leave it out, that’s your truth. Never let anyone silence your truth.” That was what I needed to hear, never silence your truth! So yes, I am going to put it back in the work because the words must go on. Stains need to be left on the lines. Healing needs to come forth. The funny thing about healing is that you first have to have a wound. That wound is the vulnerability. Find that vulnerability and let the pen bleed.

Remember that poetry never stops we just stop being vulnerable. We find a way to cover up that vulnerability with steel (which is more like aluminum foil, because aluminum foil cant protect that heart of yours, lol). We have been lead to believe that being vulnerable is weak. But vulnerability is a strength. Its because you’re not afraid to stand in the face of whatever pain you have and demand it’s exit. That vulnerability is what makes great poetry. My husband always tells me, “leave it all on the page.” So, I will carry on that wisdom to you. Never let anyone silence your truths and leave it all on the page.

Poetry can’t stop and won’t stop!

Until next time beautiful people, leave No Line Left Behind. Peace!