I miss you even on the brightest of days.

Some how the sun is artificial when you’re not around.

©2019 Tehilayah Ysrayl

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©2019 Tehilayah Ysrayl

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Morning Dew…

I hide my tears under the cover of morning showers
Scrubbing this stained skin fiercely
Hoping this brokenness will flow from eyes to drain
Steam never letting joy in through these pores
I hide these tears under the cover of morning showers, And exit the waters renewed and awakened.

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Pen Speak…

I write on these lines with my tears
My body a pen with words I cant not muster
So I cry more
Staining the pages
Cupping this body between my fingers
Delicate its intentions
And I cry more
Hoping this peice speaks to me
For me
With me
Hoping the ending stanza frees me

© 2018 Tehilayah Ysrayl

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Fall Through..

He said his lips

were holy

Said that I would ascend

to new heights with his kiss.

Didnt know

that when I kissed him

I would fall through his love

instead of into it.

© 2018 Tehilayah Ysrayl


National Poetry Day!

Its National Poetry Day! Wooooo Hoooooo!!

Its always a joy when poetry is celebrated. And today is the day.

I want to start today with this article.

National Poetry Day: 10 African-American Poets Known For Words Of Wisdom

Click the link below. Its always important to highlight the greats!

10 African American Poets

Keep the pen to the paper today. Write away.. Poetry on a Friday… Winning!!

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