PSqP- Opening Event and Experience.

Good Morning and Good Evening to some. So, how’s it going? I hope all is well.

So, I’m super excited as PSqP Xtended just popped off amazingly well. It’s the first local event for year that I was in attendance for. This year PSqP is extending the poetry beyond 5th Sundays and stepping out with a themed series. This years theme is Justice and Liberation. The first half of the year is Justice and the second half of the year is Liberation. Poets for the year have already been assigned to their theme. Since me and fellow poet and author Curtis Crisler were up first we had Justice as our theme.

First let me start by saying that this was not an easy task for me, given a theme and prompt. Justice…what is justice to me? I battled writing as I started from a place of research. And if any one knows me they know that I can’t write if there is not a vibe, an energy that allows my pen to speak. So, I struggled a little. Most of my poems were written a couple of weeks in advance of the event.

But there was a surprise….

It was announced that we would have musicians apart of the event. They would be playing live music as we performed! This had me super excited. The musicians were amazing. One was a 16 year old kid who was a saxophonist. At 16 he is a beast!!! Then we had a local bass player that was also amazing. He was not only talented on the bass but he was also fluent in other instruments.

Y’all…. It was amazing!

I wrote 5 poems on justice. My set was only 30 minutes, so 5 was enough. When I arrived at the event, early of course, the space was awesome. It was a recording studio. It was open and there were areas for lounging and eating. This space was so chill. The lights were dim and incense were burning. I was chill and excited.

Photo Copyright 2020 – Tehilayah


I was up. For the first time ever, I wasn’t nervous. I noticed this time, that because of the music, it helped to bring out my passion as I was reciting my work. There was no red dot to make me forget my lines. I have fallen in love with music being apart of my poetry. I have so many ideas and projects that I would like to do.

There was another surprise. The entire set was recorded. It will soon be available for listening ears. So far 2020 has started off with a bang . I cant wait for the other poets and their spotlights for PSqP Xtended. This series is going to be awesome!

Photo Copyright 2020 – Tehilayah
Photo Copyright 2020 – Tehilayah
Photo Copyright 2020 – Tehilayah

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Public Square Poetry Xtended…. Don’t miss it!!

Hello Lovelies,

It’s been a HOT minute… Super busy!! Whew..

Just wanted to stop by and let you know that there is an event coming up soon. If you are free and in the area stop by. Check out the flyer below.

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Supporting other Authors…

This weekend I had the pleasure of family and friends. Yes, it was my yearly Lymon-Fincher-Johnson family reunion. Every year around this time its the place to be. It’s huge! T-shirts are made and there are games and even a talent show. There is also enough food to eat for everyone and then some. There is also a huge presentation where we are challenged to recount back as far as we can go how we are related. Along with a slide show and old pictures. The same person can go back as far as the 1800’s. My cousin Mary, but I call her auntie. I love her she is in her 90’s Sharper than any of us youngins. It’s amazing because she drinks dandelion tea. Swears by it says it keeps her young. She is one of those women that dresses like what some may call Sundays best, everyday. I love hearing her stories. But enough about that lets get to the real story.

Supporting others authors…

I asked my family if I could set up a table for my books. So it turned into this family fellowship/book signing. The love was amazing. I actually sold most of my books. I only have 3 left on hand, Wowzers! I’m glad I have some copies on the way.

In the midst of everyone asking about my book. I found out that there were other family members who were also indie authors. And guess what, they had books on hand. Before we knew it, we all had our books out on display. The support of family was awesome!

The book pictured called The Republican is my cousin Terry Lymon. His book is available on Amazon.

This is my cousin Francine Shaw. She had three books available. Yess, cousin! The books on display were called Wisdom for Financial Success from a Biblical Perspective, The Cycle of Sin and In Pursuit of God. All available on Amazon as well.

Family is Amazing! Support is so important to a creative person setting goals to do what they love. Support doesn’t have to be financial some times a share on social media, the taking of business cards and just word of mouth helps. It was nice to know that my family is a talented bunch. Here’s to next year’s family reunion may we have a few more authors and even some entrepreneurs.

Oh wait….. And about that talent show. My son won this year!

It’s always battle of the families. This year my son stepped up for the family. I, my sisters and my mom were his hype men. (Hype men are people who just walk around keeping the crowd hype). If you saw how hype we were you would laugh. We just yelled aye and danced the whole time. My mom is the funniest and most hilarious woman I know. She screamed the whole time. If you know my mom then you know she has this high pitched scream that’s crazy. I wonder if she still has a voice, hmm.

Remember to always support your indie authors, family and friends.

Dont forget about Poetic Gumbo if you are in the area.

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Hello Lovelies,

So I have another poem to share today. I want to preface this poem with a little background. Me and my hubby have been watching this show called, “A Million Little Things”. The show sheds light on depression and how easy it is for people to cover up the fact that they may need someone to talk to. This show has opened up lots of dialogue on the topic of depression in my household. Depression is a real thing that effects real people. If you are a person that deals with depression, there are people and programs that are there to help you. Never feel like you are alone. I know that is easier said then done but we do want to help.

Family and friends, you may not see the signs at all. This show has prompted me to be more aware, to be more kind and open to others feelings. I hope that this poem sheds light on depression for some. Also check out the tv show. It’s on Hulu. It’s a Great Show!

I fell apart again today
Sadness peeked through these soiled bandages
I wrapped my self in
Thought they would hide my scars give me time to heal
Transform me into superhero
But they soiled and I became visible
I can’t Clark Kent this pain
So these tights stitched with encouragement often fade
and a cape filled with smiles finds itself dragged thru dirt
But Im a super hero
Just a tool I pull from my treasure chest of disguises
I put it back when I walk past my own reflection
I see my self as a victim and villain
How do I battle me
and save the world
Maybe I need a super hero

©2019 Tehilayah Ysrayl

For help with depression and someone to talk to follow the links and phone number below.

National Suicide Prevention Helpline


Help Yourself

10 Signs of Depression

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Oh wait one more thing…..

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Soul Delicacies

Hello lovely people. It’s been a while. Life had been extremely busy. My pen has been a little dry. It seems like it has taken another direction. Not sure I can take on this task but nothing fails but a try.

Check out my new poem below. When fewer the words, sometimes they have more of an impact.

Soul Delicacies

I tasted a soul once

Let the flavor linger on my tongue

Enjoyed the sweet and the bitter

Swallowed with regret

and craved more

But he was all gone

Remember to leave no line left behind.

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©2019 Tehilayah Ysrayl

Introductions and Milestones are Important!

Hello, I see lots of new faces looks like we finally reached 100 subscribers and I humbly thank each and everyone of you for making this possible. I always celebrate the small milestones. Those stepping stones turn into great strides before your know it. Well since this blog had grown I wanted to re-introduce myself. So, hello my name is Tehilayah Yahqar Ysrayl my name means a rare song of praise to YAH. This is not my government name but this name connects me to my culture and heritage and I choose this name as it is who I am and continue to grow into.

I am a lover of books and poetry. I currently live in Indiana. I am a wife and a mother of 4. Everytime I say that people say, “no way how old are you?” Well I’m 38. (Smile)

I love coffee however I cant drink it anymore because it doesnt like me. So herbal tea it is! I love books. I have more books than I have shelves. I am a reader of all things. In this day and age we have books literally at our finger tips but there is something special about turning pages and the sweet smell of paper that lingers in the air.

My passion and first love is with poetry. I have been in love with poetry since I was 13 years old. Yes, I have favorite poets. I could name a few but I will name only one, Laurence Dunbar. He wrote a poem called, “We Wear the Mask”. I love this poem because it challenges me to always self examine and grow. It allows for me to be myself unapologetic about me, the real me! My motto, “We are all but shattered mirrors looking to mend our images”.

I am a lover of good music. I love jazz and soulful R&B. I love great musical artist like Sade, Lauren Hill, India Arie, Anita Baker, Nina Simone Layla Hathaway, Jill Scott, Tweet, Marsha Ambrosius and so many more.

Also, another fun fact is that I love notebooks. Yes, I know that’s goofy but I love a new untouched notebook that has fresh lines. I have just released my first collection of poetry called No Idle Word. If you are a lover of poetry make room on your book shelves. Thanks for stopping by and visiting my page. Dont forget to like and subscribe. Remember, we are all shattered mirrors looking to mend our images. Be you unapologetically and never wear a mask!

Thanks for stopping by.

©2019 Tehilayah Ysrayl

Meditation Monday..

Hey there lovely people.. Yes today I call Meditation Monday! Yayyy!

I have been in a place where I am trying to be more mindful of my breath. I am more aware of my surroundings. I have made a conscience decision to slow down. Those that know me, know that I talk fast. I will go one hundred miles an hour if you dont stop me. I live a fast pace life but that has all been slowed down. When you slow down you notice things you never did before. This pace is pretty cool.

So whats is todays meditation? Peace.

People see peace in this picture above and they have thoughts that it’s beautiful and peaceful looking. I know I did. But peace is more than that. It’s a fight to keep the chaos under control.

Notice how the waters are raging over the rocks behind the swan. It can be a deafening sound and very distracting. Not only are the waters in chaos but right under the surface, where the swan is resting, is the pattering of feet. The swan’s feet are moving at a rapid pace to stay above the water and not be pulled into the raging water. It takes a great amount of strength to not succumb to the distractions of chaos.

Starring and meditating on this picture I took away a new understanding. Peace doesn’t always come easy. Its not always wrapped up in rainbows and sunshine. Sometimes right along side peace there is chaos. There are rushing waters and in the rain crashing thunder. You just have to decide what you will submit to. Peace or chaos it’s your choice. Its your choice to rise above all the distraction and negativity to keep your peace. Sometimes you will have to quicken your steps to remove yourselves from situations and follow a new path. In the journey to find peace you sometimes have to be alone.

Today, like the swan I turn my back to the raging waters and I patter my feet underneath the still waters, leaving ripples of smiles that reflect light. I will go alone if that is what it takes.

Keeping my peace all 2019 y’all!

Stay tuned for more… No line left behind…Dont forget to breathe!


Passion is energy. Feel the power that comes from focusing on what excites you.” – Oprah Winfrey

Passion is the one thing that sets you apart in poetry. Passion allows people to believe what you’re saying.

Urban dictionary said it best when defining passion. Passion is when you put more energy into something than is required to do it. It is more than just enthusiasm or excitement, passion is ambition that is materialized into action to put as much heart, mind, body and soul into something as is possible.

I watched a poem today from a poet who has become a favorite of mine. His passion makes his poetry powerful. I study his passion. The goal for me is to work on my passion and leave all my inhibitions behind.

There was a post I saw on Instagram it stated… “Dear poets, please stop reading your poems from your phone.” Raise your hand if this person is you (hand raised). I have been practicing doing a better job memorizing my poems. Doing this has help me to dig deep in my delivery.

What I have learned so far is if you dont have passion you don’t have anything!

Check out this link to see Steven Willis and his poem, “The Hustle Speaks”.

Be in the lookout for the upcoming poetry collection, No Idle Word.. Coming soon!

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