My 100th Blog post!!!!

My 100th Blog Post!!!!!!

Milestone are always great to celebrate. I want to take the time to thank all my subscribers that support this blog. I can’t believe that I am now on my 100th Blog post. (insert smiley face here).

Its been almost 2 whole years since I started this blog. It has not always been easy to post content but I stuck in there. Trying to find new ways to stay relevant and innovative is not always easy. Sometimes you don’t have vision and sometimes your vision is too big.

This year I implemented a new feature on my blog called Feature Friday. So far we have had three Friday Features since the launch and the poets are amazing. If you are interested in Feature Friday, don’t be a stranger. Check out the Feature Friday page for instructions here .

Things I have learned in 100 blogs:

  1. You Don’t Have To Blog Everyday. Just make sure that you set a goal for maybe once a week. don’t push yourself. In pushing yourself you can become discouraged and give up. Set a small goal and stick to that until you are ready to push harder. Commit to your success.
  2. Dont Limit Yourself. Just because you built your blog and advertise it as a poetry blog or a cooking blog and even a self help blog doesn’t mean you can’t talk about other things. You don’t have to be one dimensional. You can speak on other interest. Just stay true to who you are and don’t forget why you started the blog in the first place.
  3. Blogs Don’t Have To Be Long. You do not have to write a thesis on your blog. It has no word limitations. You won’t get shamed if your post are just a quote of the day. Sometimes that all you have and its also all that someone needs at the moment.
  4. Dont Overthink It. Be you! This is not the end for you. Blogging or not blogging will not make or break you. Do it because you love it. Do it because you have a voice and something to say. And in the event you have nothing to say, don’t blog. Don’t force yourself to meet unrealistic expectations.

I learned this and more but this is all I can think of at this time. I hope that this helps you. In the meantime celebrate with your girl!!!! I did it, I did it!!! 100 blogs and counting. Brainstorming on new ways to make blogs 101 to infinity, magnificent.

Remember that we are all but shattered Mirrors looking to mend our images.

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Have a blessed and awesome day!

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Public Square Poetry Xtended…. Don’t miss it!!

Hello Lovelies,

It’s been a HOT minute… Super busy!! Whew..

Just wanted to stop by and let you know that there is an event coming up soon. If you are free and in the area stop by. Check out the flyer below.

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6 Things I learned at My First Book Signing…

Hey there lovely people. Today was the big day. Thats right, my first ever book signing!

I hosted the book signing at a local book store called Half Price Books. Awesome books for half the cost. The name of the store is true. You can find all kinds of books for half the price. You can also sell your gently used books to the store and earn some cash. This store was intimate and busy! This was a plus for me. The people were great! So things I learned, hmm.

First, I was set up in the front of the store by the door. Awesome sauce! I say this as a preface to my first lesson.

1. You can not be afraid to speak to people. You have to get out there and sell yourself. People will just waltz right passed you and not say a word. Not one Idle Word. You see what I did here. Lol. Be prepared to have a conversation starter to break the ice. I am not one to be afraid to speak to people so this wasn’t too hard.

2. Keep the conversation going. Once you introduce yourself be prepared to answer some more questions. One of the many questions I got was, “Are you from here?” The answer of course. I live right here in the city. I’m “your” local poet. Many people were so surprised and elated that a local gal like me had released her first collection of poetry. That alone made them want to support.

3. Social media is important. We live in a time where social media is used as a means for review and advertisement. People want to follow you. They want to know what kind of presence you have. I had these bookmarks/business cards created with all my social media handles and I passed them out to many. People were so happy and immediately I recieved follow request. Awesome!

4. Thank people for their support even if they don’t buy your book. This leaves room for them to support you in other ways. Following on social media. Spreading news to their friends about upcoming events and where to purchase the book in the future. Trust me those business cards are lifesavers.

5. Accept different forms of payment. Yes, not all people carry cash. But if they do make sure you have change. That could be a huge deterrent from people buying your book. I have a square reader and a cash app. These were essential in making my transactions seamless. People were eager once they knew that cash was not their only option as a form of payment.

Last but not least. It’s actually pretty important.

6. Have a great support system. I had my husband and biggest fan with me pushing me and promoting right along side. He was also my camera man. So shouts out to my best friend/hubby for the support. My mom and sister also stopped by. Shouts out to you guys too. You rock!!!

All in all, this was a great experience. A couple of people asked me to read a poem and this intrigued them even more. Cool Points!!

I’m looking forward to the next one and the next one and the next one. Take a look at some of the pics. Enjoy the rest of your day and remember to leave no line left behind.

These kids were sooo AWESOME!!!

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One more thing don’t forget to check out No Idle Word here. If you have already purchased it leave a review its appreciated.

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Introductions and Milestones are Important!

Hello, I see lots of new faces looks like we finally reached 100 subscribers and I humbly thank each and everyone of you for making this possible. I always celebrate the small milestones. Those stepping stones turn into great strides before your know it. Well since this blog had grown I wanted to re-introduce myself. So, hello my name is Tehilayah Yahqar Ysrayl my name means a rare song of praise to YAH. This is not my government name but this name connects me to my culture and heritage and I choose this name as it is who I am and continue to grow into.

I am a lover of books and poetry. I currently live in Indiana. I am a wife and a mother of 4. Everytime I say that people say, “no way how old are you?” Well I’m 38. (Smile)

I love coffee however I cant drink it anymore because it doesnt like me. So herbal tea it is! I love books. I have more books than I have shelves. I am a reader of all things. In this day and age we have books literally at our finger tips but there is something special about turning pages and the sweet smell of paper that lingers in the air.

My passion and first love is with poetry. I have been in love with poetry since I was 13 years old. Yes, I have favorite poets. I could name a few but I will name only one, Laurence Dunbar. He wrote a poem called, “We Wear the Mask”. I love this poem because it challenges me to always self examine and grow. It allows for me to be myself unapologetic about me, the real me! My motto, “We are all but shattered mirrors looking to mend our images”.

I am a lover of good music. I love jazz and soulful R&B. I love great musical artist like Sade, Lauren Hill, India Arie, Anita Baker, Nina Simone Layla Hathaway, Jill Scott, Tweet, Marsha Ambrosius and so many more.

Also, another fun fact is that I love notebooks. Yes, I know that’s goofy but I love a new untouched notebook that has fresh lines. I have just released my first collection of poetry called No Idle Word. If you are a lover of poetry make room on your book shelves. Thanks for stopping by and visiting my page. Dont forget to like and subscribe. Remember, we are all shattered mirrors looking to mend our images. Be you unapologetically and never wear a mask!

Thanks for stopping by.

©2019 Tehilayah Ysrayl


I hope everyone is well. That life has giving you smiles even in storms. I made a goal to post more blogs this year and for certain I plan to keep that goal. As you can see I said, I plan. Funny how plans change.

“Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans.” -John Lennon


A list of steps with details and timing requirements, used to acheive a goal.

We all have them. We plan this and we plan that. We build up these intentions and they are just that intentions. They are our, “almost made it, but… Life happened and that’s okay.

We don’t have to make excuses. Let your yes be yes and your no be no. If you cant make that goal. Scratch it out your calendar and make another one. Why give an excuse to yourself. Makes no sense. Be true to you. If you can’t do it, you cant do it. Don’t feel bad about it.

So what am I saying? I don’t always stick too the plans in my calendar. In fact I believe the most high Yah’s plans always prevail. So no longer will I feel bad about missed goals. I know that there was a better goal in mind that I had yet to even ponder. Maybe I needed to brainstorm a little more. Maybe my vision was to small or maybe it was too big and I needed to downsize. Whatever it is, I’m trying to not be so hard on myself for missed goals. Sometimes you need to make a goal to make a goal, if that makes any sense.

So yes, I will blog more. However, I will not pressure myself our feel bad when I don’t. Neither should you. So far I think I’m on a roll this year.

Never forget to celebrate the small victories!

No Line Left Behind….Just Breathe!!

Yayyy Announcement…

I hope everyone’s day I going well. Mine is smooth sailing because I have an exciting announcement to share. So exciting guys, like really exciting. I know you are sitting on the edge of your seats saying, get to it already. So without further ado. Drum roll please!

That’s right its coming May 7th of 2019. Mark your calendars. Make room on your shelves and kindle libraries. It’s going down!

I’m pumped, excited and just down right happy over this goal. I have been working on this project for a while and the end is near. Well not the end but the completion of this book is near. My hope is that you all love it just as much as I do. Stay tuned for more details as they come. And like I always say…



Thank you…

I am not one to be ungrateful. I love to celebrate the small accomplishments. Because once the larger accomplishments and goals are met you can be humbly grateful. So I want to say, “thank you”.

Thank You for your support of No Line Left Behind. Though I was waiting until I hit 70 subscribers, 68 is a better accomplishment because truth is, I didnt know I could do this in the first place. I know 68 seems miniscule to the thousands of subscribers some have. I just appreciate the humble beginnings. I know I’m not as consistant as other bloggers but I’m trying. This has been really far out of my comfort zone, however this experience has been rewarding. So again thank you.

I am setting new goals and looking for a new aim. All in the meantime being a wife, mom, daughter, sister and friend. Evaluating and transforming my mind to be the best version of me is my goal. So to all those who support me, know that you are appreciated. Your likes do not go unnoticed!

Always be the best you even when no one is watching!

Till next time lovely people, No Line Left Behind!

Happy One Month Birthday

Its been one whole month since I started this blog!


This has been a journey. It is a major learning curve but I am getting the hang of this. Setting small goals and reaching them. Keeping my pen to the paper! More poetry to come, stick with me.


Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash