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I hope my pen leads you to healing shores.

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Hello Lovelies,

So I have another poem to share today. I want to preface this poem with a little background. Me and my hubby have been watching this show called, “A Million Little Things”. The show sheds light on depression and how easy it is for people to cover up the fact that they may need someone to talk to. This show has opened up lots of dialogue on the topic of depression in my household. Depression is a real thing that effects real people. If you are a person that deals with depression, there are people and programs that are there to help you. Never feel like you are alone. I know that is easier said then done but we do want to help.

Family and friends, you may not see the signs at all. This show has prompted me to be more aware, to be more kind and open to others feelings. I hope that this poem sheds light on depression for some. Also check out the tv show. It’s on Hulu. It’s a Great Show!

I fell apart again today
Sadness peeked through these soiled bandages
I wrapped my self in
Thought they would hide my scars give me time to heal
Transform me into superhero
But they soiled and I became visible
I can’t Clark Kent this pain
So these tights stitched with encouragement often fade
and a cape filled with smiles finds itself dragged thru dirt
But Im a super hero
Just a tool I pull from my treasure chest of disguises
I put it back when I walk past my own reflection
I see my self as a victim and villain
How do I battle me
and save the world
Maybe I need a super hero

©2019 Tehilayah Ysrayl

For help with depression and someone to talk to follow the links and phone number below.

National Suicide Prevention Helpline


Help Yourself

10 Signs of Depression

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and Stop…

Do you know How does it feel to mourn everyday
Tears falling from cant see morning to cant see night
Storm outta not come
Cause My tears are flood waters
I build a damn from the pits of this soul
Another breathe released from its lungs
More bodies cradled in caskets
Another mother builds
a damn
There are only a few people who give a damn
And we tear down those damns
Only fears we have are from those who look like us
Breath like us
And stop
Like us
Our fear taught us how not
to hate the enemy
Only hate ourselves
Only hate those who breathe like us
And stop
It’s not about community anymore
No more borrowing sugar
Cause it will just taste like salt anyway
Bitter and pained
Everyman for himself
Put your love in your back pocket
This aint that
throw your softness overboard
Take your kindness with it
Hard bodies make it easier to hear them drop
Roses no longer grow from concrete
They only grow in graveyards
Funeral homes become family reunions
Pall bearers electric slide Caskets into hurses
Cause nobody is stepping in the name of love
But our Court is held in the street
All rise
Or all fall
Jury of our peers
Shoot out at the mall
Drive by at mama’s house
Gun fight in the children’s zoo parking lot
Cause we know what it feels like to mourn every day
and Build more damns
Just so we can graffiti their tombstones on them
Memorialize them to live forever on white tees
And forget about them in our hearts
Tattoo them on our forearms cause it’s the only way we can hug them again
These streets hard
This world harder
These crys loud
These tears louder
This pain loud
This healing louder
This life hard
This breath louder
Until it’s not
Until it stops

©2019Tehilayah Ysrayl

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Pen Speak…

I write on these lines with my tears
My body a pen with words I cant not muster
So I cry more
Staining the pages
Cupping this body between my fingers
Delicate its intentions
And I cry more
Hoping this peice speaks to me
For me
With me
Hoping the ending stanza frees me

© 2018 Tehilayah Ysrayl

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Summer Time

Photo by Sam Burriss on Unsplash


The sun rises and sets

The same way a black boy raises his hand

Finger on the trigger

Beams like sun rays on your skin


Beads of sweat

Form like tears

Funeral processions with a sight

Like sold out concerts

Backyard barbecues

Make graveyard memories

Just because




100 degrees too hot

But the Block is hotter

Death hides itself in winter only to

Drive by your big mamas house

Yellow tape wrapped around your block

Gift of homicide

Prime delivered to your door step

And we are only

2 days



© 2018 Tehilayah Ysrayl

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