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Hope your day is going well. I’ve been thinking of ways to make this blog better. Sooo, Check out my new poem. This time you get to listen. Click the link below.


I hope my pen leads you to healing shores.

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Supporting other Authors…

This weekend I had the pleasure of family and friends. Yes, it was my yearly Lymon-Fincher-Johnson family reunion. Every year around this time its the place to be. It’s huge! T-shirts are made and there are games and even a talent show. There is also enough food to eat for everyone and then some. There is also a huge presentation where we are challenged to recount back as far as we can go how we are related. Along with a slide show and old pictures. The same person can go back as far as the 1800’s. My cousin Mary, but I call her auntie. I love her she is in her 90’s Sharper than any of us youngins. It’s amazing because she drinks dandelion tea. Swears by it says it keeps her young. She is one of those women that dresses like what some may call Sundays best, everyday. I love hearing her stories. But enough about that lets get to the real story.

Supporting others authors…

I asked my family if I could set up a table for my books. So it turned into this family fellowship/book signing. The love was amazing. I actually sold most of my books. I only have 3 left on hand, Wowzers! I’m glad I have some copies on the way.

In the midst of everyone asking about my book. I found out that there were other family members who were also indie authors. And guess what, they had books on hand. Before we knew it, we all had our books out on display. The support of family was awesome!

The book pictured called The Republican is my cousin Terry Lymon. His book is available on Amazon.

This is my cousin Francine Shaw. She had three books available. Yess, cousin! The books on display were called Wisdom for Financial Success from a Biblical Perspective, The Cycle of Sin and In Pursuit of God. All available on Amazon as well.

Family is Amazing! Support is so important to a creative person setting goals to do what they love. Support doesn’t have to be financial some times a share on social media, the taking of business cards and just word of mouth helps. It was nice to know that my family is a talented bunch. Here’s to next year’s family reunion may we have a few more authors and even some entrepreneurs.

Oh wait….. And about that talent show. My son won this year!

It’s always battle of the families. This year my son stepped up for the family. I, my sisters and my mom were his hype men. (Hype men are people who just walk around keeping the crowd hype). If you saw how hype we were you would laugh. We just yelled aye and danced the whole time. My mom is the funniest and most hilarious woman I know. She screamed the whole time. If you know my mom then you know she has this high pitched scream that’s crazy. I wonder if she still has a voice, hmm.

Remember to always support your indie authors, family and friends.

Dont forget about Poetic Gumbo if you are in the area.

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Hello Lovelies,

So I have another poem to share today. I want to preface this poem with a little background. Me and my hubby have been watching this show called, “A Million Little Things”. The show sheds light on depression and how easy it is for people to cover up the fact that they may need someone to talk to. This show has opened up lots of dialogue on the topic of depression in my household. Depression is a real thing that effects real people. If you are a person that deals with depression, there are people and programs that are there to help you. Never feel like you are alone. I know that is easier said then done but we do want to help.

Family and friends, you may not see the signs at all. This show has prompted me to be more aware, to be more kind and open to others feelings. I hope that this poem sheds light on depression for some. Also check out the tv show. It’s on Hulu. It’s a Great Show!

I fell apart again today
Sadness peeked through these soiled bandages
I wrapped my self in
Thought they would hide my scars give me time to heal
Transform me into superhero
But they soiled and I became visible
I can’t Clark Kent this pain
So these tights stitched with encouragement often fade
and a cape filled with smiles finds itself dragged thru dirt
But Im a super hero
Just a tool I pull from my treasure chest of disguises
I put it back when I walk past my own reflection
I see my self as a victim and villain
How do I battle me
and save the world
Maybe I need a super hero

©2019 Tehilayah Ysrayl

For help with depression and someone to talk to follow the links and phone number below.

National Suicide Prevention Helpline


Help Yourself

10 Signs of Depression

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Where I Live

Hello lovely people. We continue on with the poetry prompt challenge for National Poetry Month. I’m a little late but here is prompt #2. The idea was to write a poem about your favorite place or the street where you live. I hope you enjoy.

Where I Live

The street where I live holds
uneven sidewalks
Barking dogs
Hand waves and morning papers
Humming garages
Singing good mornings
A new web to be get tangled in outside my door
I just tore the other one down
Laughter and screams
Chalk rainbows that paint our feet
In the afternoon
Playful patter of feet on the roof
Skateboards screeching
Bicycles crash on the uneven sidewalks
Goodbyes until tomorrow
More hand waves and humming garages that put us to sleep
©2019 Tehilayah Ysrayl

Leave No Line Left Behind.. Just breathe and let the pen bleed.

Never Silence the Gift!

How often we become quiet with our gifts. We tuck them away and hide them under piles of distractions. They collect dust and we go on without realizing that we are not walking and living life in our real selves. Living life to our fullest and truest self is vital to our well being and before we know it we’ve gone years and accomplished nothing with our purpose and gifts.

“Walking in your purpose is self care”.

Sometimes we base our purpose on the approval of others. We value their opinion more than we value ourselves or our own opinion. We can’t let other people’s opinion drive us. Besides, we tend to be our own worst critics.

People who secretly despise your gift and purpose always speak in negative tones so that they continue to stop you from reaching your potential. They say things like, “you sure that’s what you want to do” or “what if…”. They are the ones that always make you doubt yourself. They attach themselves to your gifts and bring off an energy that drains your motivation. They are secretly laying snares and traps so that you don’t rise to the level you are destined for. I dont like to use the word destined or destiny, however, we all have a purpose that is written in the very core of our DNA. Find out what your purpose is and how to use your gift to change the world. Please, check your circle of friends. True friends see your potential before you even see it. They are the ones “gassing” you up. They are your number one supporters. They fuel you with positive vibes.

If you are looking around in your life and things seem chaotic, take inventory. Are you walking in your purpose? Are you using the gift that has been given to you for safe keeping? We think that keeping is just guarding and protecting something, but its more than that. Keeping is action. Don’t place your purpose and gifts on shelves to collect dust. Don’t put your dream on the back burner. Remove the leaching people that attach themselves to you and your gift. Mute all the dream killers. Step out of your comfort zone. Silence the haters and go and be great. Never let someone beat you out of your purpose.

Never silence the gift!

If I Could…

Hey there it’s Tuesday and we got poetry (Yayyyy).

If I Could…

If I could bend the sky for you
Turn this world on its axis
Maybe fold it
Hmm, maybe hold it.

If I could pull a cloud from its home
Place it under your head and watch you sleep
If I could grab the sun rays and sprinkle it’s light in your coffee
If I could carry a river in my arms
I would be the well you drink from
If I could place the moon on your night stand

I could shed light in your darkness
If I could swallow the rain
If I could capture the winds in a bottle
So you can stand tall in the storm
If I could crumble mountains you would never have to climb
If I.
If I could do these for myself

I would do it for you.

Stay tuned …No Line Left Behind… Just Breathe….

Morning Dew…

I hide my tears under the cover of morning showers
Scrubbing this stained skin fiercely
Hoping this brokenness will flow from eyes to drain
Steam never letting joy in through these pores
I hide these tears under the cover of morning showers, And exit the waters renewed and awakened.

Leave No Line Left Behind

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Hello Lovely People! It has been a little while since I have made a post. Life has been a little busy. School started back for the children and I am still a karate mom and wife! lol … However, I am posting some poetry today. This passed weekend was a family reunion that I attended. While I was there I was able to write a poem about family. It is something short and sweet. Enjoy!



Functions like trains on tracks to love
Steam roll over faults
And arrives at forgiveness
It is the reunion of embrace
Arms around bodies of generations
A meeting of legacy making forever memories
It is family that holds bonds
We create a 3 stranded cord
Arms synced
Unison in one purpose of staying close
Family trees written on hearts and not just t-shirts
History defined by the presence of love
Functions like a train on tracks to love
And we all have tickets

Please be on the look out for the upcoming collection of poetry, No Idle Word! And never forget that no line is left behind. Have a blessed day! Smile even when you feel like crying!

© 2018 Tehilayah Ysrayl