I thought that I could stay less than perfect and still be acceptable
But you accept nothing less than an image of yourself
So i wither like grass
Hoping I will not be down trodden under your glory
Praying for rain to quench this dry ground
I strip bare all my shame
Uncover my filth
This rag filled with mistakes
Is me

I’m not a masterpiece
Ive fallen often and tried to hide behind the leaves
Broken and fearful
Sifted and weighted
But from afar you see me
You hear me
You still love me
You consume me and my shame is covered

Submerge me in your healing waters
Yes the hyssop is rough
But the stains of my heart can be stubborn sometimes
And my hands are bloodied and shaken

Here in this moment an altar arises from my tears
I sprinkle more of them on your slaughter place
I prepare my body
a sacrifice
I pull a broken heart from my chest
Piece by peice
Pain I lay it down
Hurt I lay it down
Fear I lay it down
Bitterness laid down
Resentment laid down
Anger I lay it down
Past mistakes I lay them down
Peice by peice
Potsherd by potsherd
I’m unclothed
Naked with nothing hidden
Nothing left of me
A blank slate an empty vessel
Because I can pretend nothing with you


I hope my pen leads you to healing shores.

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Supporting other Authors…

This weekend I had the pleasure of family and friends. Yes, it was my yearly Lymon-Fincher-Johnson family reunion. Every year around this time its the place to be. It’s huge! T-shirts are made and there are games and even a talent show. There is also enough food to eat for everyone and then some. There is also a huge presentation where we are challenged to recount back as far as we can go how we are related. Along with a slide show and old pictures. The same person can go back as far as the 1800’s. My cousin Mary, but I call her auntie. I love her she is in her 90’s Sharper than any of us youngins. It’s amazing because she drinks dandelion tea. Swears by it says it keeps her young. She is one of those women that dresses like what some may call Sundays best, everyday. I love hearing her stories. But enough about that lets get to the real story.

Supporting others authors…

I asked my family if I could set up a table for my books. So it turned into this family fellowship/book signing. The love was amazing. I actually sold most of my books. I only have 3 left on hand, Wowzers! I’m glad I have some copies on the way.

In the midst of everyone asking about my book. I found out that there were other family members who were also indie authors. And guess what, they had books on hand. Before we knew it, we all had our books out on display. The support of family was awesome!

The book pictured called The Republican is my cousin Terry Lymon. His book is available on Amazon.

This is my cousin Francine Shaw. She had three books available. Yess, cousin! The books on display were called Wisdom for Financial Success from a Biblical Perspective, The Cycle of Sin and In Pursuit of God. All available on Amazon as well.

Family is Amazing! Support is so important to a creative person setting goals to do what they love. Support doesn’t have to be financial some times a share on social media, the taking of business cards and just word of mouth helps. It was nice to know that my family is a talented bunch. Here’s to next year’s family reunion may we have a few more authors and even some entrepreneurs.

Oh wait….. And about that talent show. My son won this year!

It’s always battle of the families. This year my son stepped up for the family. I, my sisters and my mom were his hype men. (Hype men are people who just walk around keeping the crowd hype). If you saw how hype we were you would laugh. We just yelled aye and danced the whole time. My mom is the funniest and most hilarious woman I know. She screamed the whole time. If you know my mom then you know she has this high pitched scream that’s crazy. I wonder if she still has a voice, hmm.

Remember to always support your indie authors, family and friends.

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The Discipline to Love Self

Self love is on a rise. This is a great thing. People are looking to heal instead of hurt. We live in a society where our mental and emotional beings take a back seat to every distraction that takes away our peace. But today we are healing! Today we facing our traumas without fear. We are taking back our peace, hope, laughter and love. We are becoming more available to ourselves. We are learning to love ourselves again.

It’s important to remember in loving ourselves that we don’t become so self absorbed that we miss our own healing. We could walk right passed the trauma and into the arms of a whole new chapter, one in which we become the traumatiser. It’s extremely important that we don’t become so emotionally attached to ourselves that we disconnect and empathy for others takes a back seat to our facade of healing. Yes, I called it a facade. If you do that or find yourself in this place then your healing isn’t real. Healing is a place where understanding and wisdom meet. It’s where you are comfortable in your own skin and your reactions and inactions are under control. In this space there are certain things that dont move you any more.

The slick comment about your “little” accomplishment…unmoved.

The small chuckles when you walk in a room…unmoved.

The ignored communication…unmoved.

Blatant disrespect…ummoved

Others people’s controlling behaviors…unmoved.

You realize that peace is what you desire above all things. Peace is not all still waters and cool breezes. It’s about being surrounded by the chaos and keeping your calm.

It takes a certain strength in the discipline to self love. A strength that come from humbleness and complete awareness of your behaviours. So when we begin to face our traumas and battle against our fears it is imperative that we take caution and pace ourselves on our path to healing. Let us all be conscience of our growth and disciplined in our peace.

The discipline to love self is a lifelong path. It doesnt end after you’ve faced your fears but it has only just begun. Safe travels to you on your healing journey.

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Its been a minute!

So its been awhile, I know. I have been very busy. Children are out of school and I have been keeping them busy so they don’t drive me up a wall. I’m learning and appreciating time off my electronic devices. It’s freeing!

But anyway…

Time is approaching and on June 30th 2019, I will be spotlighted with 2 other talented poets. We have actually gotten together and collaborated on a poem. It’s amazing. I’m super excited and super nervous at the same time. I’m still checking the list of poems that I want to present off. My pen has been busy because I wanted to bring new content. I will be reading from No Idle Word as there are a couple of poems I want to share. The goal is to post pics and video of the event at a later time here on No Line Left Behind, so stay tuned. If you are in the Fort Wayne, Indiana area stop by and check us out.

So sprinkle a little hope energy in the atmosphere. I hope all goes well for us all. Always remember leave no line left behind.

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Soul Delicacies

Hello lovely people. It’s been a while. Life had been extremely busy. My pen has been a little dry. It seems like it has taken another direction. Not sure I can take on this task but nothing fails but a try.

Check out my new poem below. When fewer the words, sometimes they have more of an impact.

Soul Delicacies

I tasted a soul once

Let the flavor linger on my tongue

Enjoyed the sweet and the bitter

Swallowed with regret

and craved more

But he was all gone

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©2019 Tehilayah Ysrayl

We are Live!!!!

It’s finally here. May 7th 2019.

NO IDLE WORD is here.

Click here to purchase the Kindle format. Stay tuned for the paperback.

©2019 Tehilayah Ysrayl

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Where I Live

Hello lovely people. We continue on with the poetry prompt challenge for National Poetry Month. I’m a little late but here is prompt #2. The idea was to write a poem about your favorite place or the street where you live. I hope you enjoy.

Where I Live

The street where I live holds
uneven sidewalks
Barking dogs
Hand waves and morning papers
Humming garages
Singing good mornings
A new web to be get tangled in outside my door
I just tore the other one down
Laughter and screams
Chalk rainbows that paint our feet
In the afternoon
Playful patter of feet on the roof
Skateboards screeching
Bicycles crash on the uneven sidewalks
Goodbyes until tomorrow
More hand waves and humming garages that put us to sleep
©2019 Tehilayah Ysrayl

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