Wisdom Wednesday..

Hey there lovely people. I hope your day is bright and going well. There is only one piece of wisdom I leave with you today.

“Pray for your victories. The struggle is not the destination”.

I have been thinking about this all morning. I woke up thinking about victory. What does it mean to you to be victorious? We all go through life’s struggles but we dont have to stay there. Yes, its easy to wallow in it. It’s easier not to face struggle and to coward down in it’s face. But what good is that? What good is it, that you lay down and give up? What if the very thing you need is right there around the corner? What if it’s a knock away on the door of opportunity? If we give up and coward, we never learn what victory is.

Be victorious today. That extra mile you wanted to walk but didnt think you could make it, walk it. That promotion you want, go for it. They can only say no. Look “No” in the face and say move, so that you can get to the next opportunity. You got this!

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Meditation Monday..

Hey there lovely people.. Yes today I call Meditation Monday! Yayyy!

I have been in a place where I am trying to be more mindful of my breath. I am more aware of my surroundings. I have made a conscience decision to slow down. Those that know me, know that I talk fast. I will go one hundred miles an hour if you dont stop me. I live a fast pace life but that has all been slowed down. When you slow down you notice things you never did before. This pace is pretty cool.

So whats is todays meditation? Peace.

People see peace in this picture above and they have thoughts that it’s beautiful and peaceful looking. I know I did. But peace is more than that. It’s a fight to keep the chaos under control.

Notice how the waters are raging over the rocks behind the swan. It can be a deafening sound and very distracting. Not only are the waters in chaos but right under the surface, where the swan is resting, is the pattering of feet. The swan’s feet are moving at a rapid pace to stay above the water and not be pulled into the raging water. It takes a great amount of strength to not succumb to the distractions of chaos.

Starring and meditating on this picture I took away a new understanding. Peace doesn’t always come easy. Its not always wrapped up in rainbows and sunshine. Sometimes right along side peace there is chaos. There are rushing waters and in the rain crashing thunder. You just have to decide what you will submit to. Peace or chaos it’s your choice. Its your choice to rise above all the distraction and negativity to keep your peace. Sometimes you will have to quicken your steps to remove yourselves from situations and follow a new path. In the journey to find peace you sometimes have to be alone.

Today, like the swan I turn my back to the raging waters and I patter my feet underneath the still waters, leaving ripples of smiles that reflect light. I will go alone if that is what it takes.

Keeping my peace all 2019 y’all!

Stay tuned for more… No line left behind…Dont forget to breathe!

Morning Dew…

I hide my tears under the cover of morning showers
Scrubbing this stained skin fiercely
Hoping this brokenness will flow from eyes to drain
Steam never letting joy in through these pores
I hide these tears under the cover of morning showers, And exit the waters renewed and awakened.

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Reflections of 2018

It’s 2019! Yes, I know I am about 6 days late, but I’m a busy woman. However, I remember a time where there were rumors that the world would end in 2000. I laugh at that now as I look back over my life. However, let me make this disclaimer. “I do not celebrate New Years or any other holiday”. I am looking back on 2018 for purposes of reflections and growth.

Now that we have that out of the way, let’s get to the part where I reflect. I have learned so much, most of it coming from the last part of 2018. Surprises, that are not all good but are teaching me lessons about myself I had not examined too deeply.

1. Self Care is Important

I am a wife and a mother. My life has been busy since I said I do and heard the cry of my son. I have poured myself into my family without care for myself. Sometimes I sacrificed my sanity to make sure that they were taken care of. This year I learned that I can’t pour from an empty cup. Years of neglect on my own mental and physical well being caught up with me. I ended this year with some health issues because of it. So if I can be a voice for other people in this world it would be that you are important. You can’t give anyone anything that you don’t have. Always remember to take time for you. Even if the moment is 10 minutes to just close your eyes and breathe. It’s so simple to relieve tension you may have not known that you were carrying. Create a routine that can help you to relax. If there is a certain type of music that you like, play it. A favorite candle you like to burn, burn it. Whatever can help you to take a moment and enjoy just you, do it. You are no good to yourself or anyone if you have not taken care of yourself.

2. Breathing is Everything

Breathing is everything! You don’t breathe you die. Lol, seriously! Being mindful of the small moments that create memories was a game changer for me. I learned this too later in 2018. I am now aware that every moment is precious. I learned that breathing slows me down and allows me to see the moment in a new light. I can react differently to situations and confrontations by just taking a breath. This allows me to think before I speak, tasting my words before I let them loose. I can control my tone better so as to not come off harsh or impatient.

3. Not everything happens the way we see it in our minds

This was a lesson that I thought I learned long ago. I realized that I had not learned this at all. I had a plan to release a poetry book. However, there were so many roadblocks that stood in the way of every date that I set. It seemed that I was never going to get this book out. It wasn’t until I threw my hands in the air and almost gave up that I realized that my vision wasn’t the vision that was planned for me. So it’s release has been pushed back and I have not set a new date yet. But, the vision is being shown and I see it being shown to me clearly.

4. We are always growing and changing

I am not the same person I was in 2017 by far. And I’m definitely not the person I was at the beginning of 2018. If you are the same person year after year and have not grown, then you may need to self examine. I did most of my changing in the later part of the year. I realized just how disciplined that I could be. I leveled up, lol. There are certain things that I tolerate now that I never tolerated before. There are certain things that I didn’t mind that now are definitely a no go, I have learned that my voice matters and now I speak up when I didn’t before. I grew into boundaries that I will not allow people to cross for my own mental sanity and happiness. I have put up walls and broken some down. I am learning to always be my authentic self. Never compromising my integrity for someone else’s comfort. My favorite phrase I picked up in 2018 is, “yeah, I’m not with it or I am not doing it”. I learned that I do not have to be a yes woman. I have learned that no does not have to hurt peoples feelings. I am changing! Becoming a better me for me.

I am not sure what 2019 is going to offer me but I am hopeful that it will be full of joy and growth. I hope that if we are blessed enough to see 2020 that we will have grown even more. It’s high time we level up in whatever we put our hands to do. First goal, write my soul on paper in 2019! That’s right my goal is more poetry. I also have a mind to dabble in some creative fiction writing. We will see soon enough.

Have a great level up year and dont forget to leave no line left behind!!