Feature Friday

Poets have a special place in the world. They have voice that speaks to the people. Whatever the situation or circumstance poets possess the ability to speak the unspoken. It takes pure courage and vulnerability to put yourself and your work out there in the world. However, there are times where poets are not recognized for their talent. Here at No Line Left Behind I want to support you.

Feature Friday will be used to spotlight poets near and far. You have something to say and people want to hear it. This is an opportunity to expand your reach and your voice. Let support one another.


On Fridays I will feature a poets work. That feature will be a direct submission. Features posted will be given all credit. (I’m just sharing the love). Poems submitted must be your original work!

Contact information for each poet will be available if approved for release. The only time you wont be approved is if I have to chase you down because you didn’t read the instructions carefully. This is your chance to shine. Come ready and with professionalism!

If you are interested in being featured on No Line Left Behind please contact me by email at the following address.


Please make sure you read all the instructions so that your poem will be posted.

Remember it must be your original work!!

Submissions must be submitted by Wednesday 8PM est to be featured on the following Friday. If your request for a feature is received after Wednesday 8pm EST. You will have to wait until next feature Friday. If more than one submission is received you will be contacted with the date your feature will go live.

Please, please provide a photo. People would love to see your lovely face. Include all social media handles or any blog links so that people can follow you and stay up to date on all things you.

Looking to Participate

1. Please submit the email with Feature Friday in the subject line. I want to know that your email is not random. I’m a quick deleter.

2. Attach your poem submission and images separately. It’s easier to copy and paste this way. I am all about easy.

3. Please answer the following questions with your submission request.

When answering the questions please post the questions first. I don’t want to mix up your words with the wrong questions

– What is your name and where are you from?

– What do you believe the poets purpose is?

– How long have you been writing and do you partake in any other creative writing?

– What would you like people to know about poetry?

– Do you have a favorite poet and why do you choose them?

– Do you have any upcoming events?

4. Don’t forget to provide all social media handles or any blog links. I’ll even take your YouTube channel link. Let’s get you out there.

Remember to leave No Line Left Behind..


The views and opinions expressed in the Feature Friday presentation are those of the poet being featured and do not necessarily represent the views and opinions of the owner of the blog at No Line Left Behind.