Yecheilyah’s Movie Reviews: Judas and the Black Messiah

We were knee-deep in a new pandemic when I noticed this film in August 2020. Immediately upon seeing the trailer, I was hooked. I could not wait to see the movie. Well, it is 2021, and the film is finally here, and you better believe I saw it. Here are my thoughts. If you are […]

Yecheilyah’s Movie Reviews: Judas and the Black Messiah

Do Not Write a Poem

Check this out all this awesomeness. I needed this reminder. How about you?

Do not set out to write a poem. Strip yourself of all the education you think will make you a good writer, and undress all the fluff you believe constitutes a good poem. Write only what is in your heart at this exact moment—every thread of thought and every emotion you have not the courage […]

Do Not Write a Poem

New Things: When the Heat Finds You…

Hello Lovlies,

I hope everyone is fairing well with the stay at home orders across the world. I have been in the lab again thinking about things I could do to blog more. Well, I have been working on this project now for about a year or more. I haven’t gotten very far but I thought I would share this to see if it may seem interesting and to gain some feed back. Should I partake and venture off into my writing or should I stay in my lane? I will let you be the judge. Feedback is welcome! So, I present to you, “When the Heat Find You”, the beginning of a novella.

Photo by BÜNYAMİN GÖRÜNMEZ on Unsplash

“When the Heat Finds You”

Chapter 1

Smoke Alarm – Jewel

It was the third time this week and Jewel found herself alone again. Sitting in her cozy den she brushed imaginary lint from her lap.  She was hoping that she wouldn’t be stood up again. After preparing dinner she prepared herself. Perfect dress, perfect shoes. She took special care on her hair to make sure not one loc was out of place. Staring in the mirror, she wondered, would it be all for nothing? Had she chosen the perfect person to love? In that instance she realized the lines of stress had found themselves under her eyes. This type of love had aged her in ways she had not quite understood. There had to be a way to reach him without losing all that she was in the process. All she ever desired was the little girls dream of the big barbie house and 2.5 kids with a white picket fence. All that seemed childish now with all that was going on.  She was desperate to have the dream she so longed for but at what cost, her dignity, self-respect? Snapping out of her never ending thoughts she made her way to the dining room. Taking in the scenery that she created, her footsteps drowned out the thoughts that captivated her. The flickering from the candle lit table whispered for guest. Red roses and crystal dinner ware covered the white table cloth.  The wine was chilling and would soon make it appearance to the table. Staring into the flickering lights Jewel got lost in her emotional prison. She was waiting on a man that was not hers. Yet, there was something about him and though he was not hers, she was not ready to let 

go. She demanded so much of his time though he clarified many times that he was not leaving his wife.

Her eyes danced over the clock from her phone and she realized that he was late. The fire flickered across her skin as she sat sipping her glass of red wine. This was how she ended her nights when broken promises found themselves in her lap. Tears begin to fall as she pondered how she got to this place. She was some man’s mistress. She had promised herself that she would never end up like her mother. Just the thought that she was now the woman that she vowed never to become caused the hairs on her skin to raise. Rubbing her hands across her arms to find a way to trap in the heat escaping her body, she found no comfort in knowing that she was a homewrecker and that it was only a matter of time until it all caught up with her. Karma, if there was such a thing sat crouching at her door awaiting the chance to rain the same suffering that she had caused. The house she was standing in was empty and there was no love here that made it home. Every room, filled with furniture and the perfect décor but not with love. Pictures hung on the wall that reminded her that her life was all a lie. She was in a family portrait with another woman’s husband.  The only thing that she had that belong to her was the tears that were leaving tracks on her pretty face.

Jewel wasn’t the flyest woman in the room, but when she showed up, she shined in her own way. Her skin was the color of night. There was something about her midnight skin that men found her exotic. Her eyes were like stars that lit the night sky. 

She inherited her father’s skin tone and her mother’s slight curves. Her hips were slightly wider than her waist. Standing at 5’5” she was average. She had been growing her locks for 6 years and she promised herself that she would never cut them.

 If she never opened her mouth you would assume that she had an accent.  That was the reason why, that day in the bookstore Isaiah approached her. The more that she thought back to that day, the more the tears began to fall. Why did I have to entertain him, she thought?  If she had stayed focused on her book browsing, she would have even caught him staring at her. That was the day that her life changed.

He was so handsome. His caramel skin looked like it could melt if it was atop hers. The thought of touching his skin caused her to salivate. She wondered how he taste. His smile was charming and inviting. He had hazel eyes that looked like deep wells that she found herself lost in the second they made eye contact. His very presence commanded the attention of everyone in the room. The boss demeanor oozed off of him and she knew that too much of him would be a bad thing. But there was something about his eyes that she couldn’t look away. The way his eyes scanned her body was hypnotic. It left her in a trance that she was in no way strong enough to break. It was as if he could see through to her very soul. She wondered if he could read her thoughts.  As she stared at him, she hoped that he wasn’t poison. She hoped that their meeting was love at first site.  Slipping into the next isle over to hide her interest she took a deep breath.  As her eyes searched the ceiling for a way out of this attraction, she could feel the heat in the small of her back. 

Her heart raced from the anticipation that he was in the next isle over.  A lump formed in her throat. Swallowing her fear she exited the isle only to walk face first into him. There he was, corners of his mouth curled loosely and eyes that introduced himself to her without a voice.

“Excuse me, I’m so sorry, I should watch where I’m going”, Jewel blushed.

“No apology needed, finding everything you are looking for okay?”

“I am.  Thank you”, Jewell replied.

“Well if you are looking for anything else let me know.”

That was how is started a simple conversation after bending a corner in a book store. A casual embrace. An immediate attraction to a stranger in a book store. No longer a stranger Isaiah had made his mark on her life and she was not ready to let him go so easily. His sexy eyes and caramel skin hypnotized her every time he gazed at her too long. Just thinking about his smile soften the rocky placed in her heart. Quickly blinking her eyes, she snapped out of the trance. So, what he bought this house that she now lived in. 

She was tired of sitting around waiting on him to make the decision to stay home with her permanently. 

She was tired of sneaking around. She was tired of being his little secret. 

She wanted to be number one. What man buys a house that he can’t stay the night in, she thought.

Jewel stood in front of the fireplace staring down at the ring on her left hand. The diamonds casted a light on the wall from the fire in front of her. This ring means nothing without a vow to go with it, she thought. Isaiah had promised her the world, he promised her his last name. Jewel Devereaux. There was no way she could have his last name if it belonged to another woman.

It wasn’t until after he had bought the house that she found out that he had a wife and 1.5 kids at home. They had been together for over a year before she found out. How could she be so stupid.  He always came up with some excuse as to why he was not able to spend the night with her or why she could not stay with him. First, it was because he had a roommate that he was not comfortable bringing his girlfriends around, as he had a horrible experience prior to meeting her. Then, it was always work or some early meeting that he needed to make sure that he was there bright and early for. He insisted that he could never focus on work when she was around, so he needed his space at his own place. He was smooth as silk with his words. How could she be so naive. She made the promise that it would be different from here on out. Either he would tell his wife so that they could be together or this house would be even more empty, without her in it.  

Gathering the empty glass and wine bottle from the table, she notices the light from her phone blinking. That was her life blinking lights. Blinking lights always meant canceled plans and disappointment.  Debating whether she was ready to except his excuses she slowly picked up the phone. Entering her passcode, she unlocked her phone to retrieve the message. Her chest rising and falling from the weight of his words, she slowly read the message from Isaiah,


The empty wine glass shattered against the brick fireplace, glass falling beneath her feet. Jewel was done. It was the same excuse and she always fell for it. KEEP IT WARM FOR ME!!  He had the nerve and he was on her last one.

“I’m over it”she yelled!

She snatched her blanket from her favorite chair to go to bed. She thought to leave her phone behind but she second guessed that. She had plans. He was coming home sooner than later. If he wanted it warm, she was willing to accommodate. She just hoped he could stand the heat because it was about to get hot. She was ready to set his whole life on fire and she would be the one holding the extinguisher.

And thats it people!! What will happen next? Leave your feed back and comments. Should I continue the story? Do you want to read more?

Remember that we are all but shattered Mirrors looking to mend our images.

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National Poetry Month!!!

Its National Poetry Month and most of us are quarantined. So in the honor of this month and for poets everywhere make sure you support poets near and far. Why not quarantine and poetry!!

NO IDLE WORD is available.

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Remember that we are all but shattered Mirrors looking to mend our images“.

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Feature Friday Presents: Nicolas Correa, “Break up with you (Secondhand Serenade -Fall for you)”

That’s right lovelies its FEATURE FRIDAY!! Here at No Line Left Behind we support poets near and far. So help me welcome our next feature this week, Nicolas Correa with his poem, “Break up with you (Secondhand Serenade – Fall For you)”. Before we jump right into his poem. Y’all know we have to ask some questions to get to know him.

So, what is your name and where are you from?

My name is Nicolas Correa.My poetry name is “The Withdrawn.” I was born and raised in Manhattan, New York. Shout outs to the Lower East Side! I currently am living in Buffalo, NY right now.

Okay, New York in the house!!! What do you believe the poets purpose is?

I believe the poets purpose is to communicate through self-expression what the heart and soul senses through words. In writing it all comes from these two places. The poets purpose is to aid in what we as human beings were put on this Earth to do: spread love, kindness, to help each other, connect, learn. Every day we learn how to do these things–how to communicate and understand each other and the world around us. We never reach a day where we are like, “Aha! I’ve mastered the art of spreading love!” Not at all. The process of connecting and learning doesn’t ever just stop. 

Oh yes, I completely agree. How long have you been writing and do you partake in any other creative writing?

I have been writing for about 16 years, but have been writing poetry for about 13. My writing started as small raps, stories, and comic books. I actually still have my journal from 4th grade in really great condition which is awesome. I love to journal, sing, rap, write my own songs. I’m always looking for new and creative ways to expand my writing.

Super dope, what would you like people to know about poetry?

It’s pure, it’s from inside, it’s safe, it’s up, it’s down, it’s left, it’s right, and in my case, it’s me. When people tell me they write but aren’t very good, I always tell them that there is no bad writing. It’s YOUR truth, and that’s what matters. People will never be able to understand your writing the way you do, the way your heart does. I speak my truth and speak the truth for others as well. At first it was hard for me write without inspiration, but I’ve grown to a point where I am inspired every single day. Now it’s easy for me to write on the spot. This year might be my most creative year yet, and the year just started. I’ve realized it’s also ok to speak on experiences that you have not personally dealt with, so as long as you don’t claim that that is your reality. Be truthful and be genuine. You can write from whatever perspective you want whether it be a mother from Florida, a crab on the beach in Hawaii, a piece of cheese LOL. Art is all about creativity.

Creativity is key. I am happy 2020 has been productive for you, yassss! Do you have a favorite poet and why do you choose them?

Man. My favorite poet would have to be Kendrick Lamar. I’ve known about this dude long before he blew up. I can’t just ever see him as a rapper. He’s bigger than that. If you look at his choice of words, the way he flows over these instrumentals, his eyes, his passion expressed through his facial expression and body, it’s just like, wow. It’s crazy when you think about a project and how much younger you were than the artist when listening to it, and then listen to the project again when you’re at the age the artist was when he/she created it. You understand it differently; It resonates differently. Dot is on a whole other level. What a blessing it is for God to have given us such a talented soul. 

Kendrick Lamar is a dope artist. Do you have any upcoming events?

I do! I actually perform at some local open mic places in the Buffalo area. You can find the dates posted on the 1st of every month on all my social media accounts. I am looking to eventually try some open mics out in Canada since they aren’t very far. Shout outs to the supporters in Canada!

Okay, Buffalo and Canada show him some love! Check out his social media accounts below.

Now lets get to the this awesome poets work. Show some love and support for, “Break up with you (Secondhand Serenade – Fall For You)”, by Nicolas Correa.

Break up with you (Secondhand Serenade – Fall For You)

John Vesely said,

”The best thing about tonight is that we’re not fighting,”

and I wish we could relate,

cause it feels like almost every single day you come to me with a reason as to why I am deserving of this mental beating.

And I start to believe it—that I deserve this,

that I am the piece of shit you make me out to be or,

that the reason you’re like this, we’re like this,

is because of me.

You suspect me of things but wait you’re the one who would cheat,

I mean fuck,

you have all my social media passwords, and want updates on my schedule in and out of work, the hell you even have a copy of my keys.

You want a list of all my friends but I don’t have any cause you talked me into putting those relationships to an end,

and now I have no one cause they all think I chose you over them…

…you over them.

Said we didn’t need anyone else cause it was always us till the end.

Last night mom asked me about the bruise on my arm again,

”You know, just playing with the guys,” I said.

Last night God asked me about the condition of my heart again,

”It’s doing just fine,” I said.

I can’t cry in front of you or in front of anybody else, not even myself, cause you taught me it isn’t ok to be pussy.

You made me read a book on how to be a better man in this world cause you thought it would be a good read.

You broke it down to my exhausting brain that love is the only thing we would ever need to survive,

but why the fuck am I so tired?

I don’t even pray like I used to anymore, I don’t really care if I die.

Does anyone else know what it’s like to have someone control the food you consume cause they think you’ve gained too much weight since they’ve gotten with you?

Or when and how long you should sleep like hello, does anybody else hear me?!

Or does no one hear me because I’m only crying inside?

I guess the smile on my face isn’t an obvious disguise.

I’m not sure I fully understand or know exactly what love is but,

this that you taught me,

this is not it.

So tonight will be the night that I break up with you.

Pushing, toxicity aside.

I won’t stay with you another day, I swear I’m through,

cause a girl like you should not be in my life.

Tonight will be the night that I break up with you.

Pushing, toxicity aside.

I won’t stay with you another day, I swear I’m through,

cause a girl like you should not be in my life,

should not be in my life.

Photo Copyright © 2020 Nicolas Correa

For all things Nicolas you can follow him at the links below:

Youtube: (work in progress)

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Feature Friday presents – Taniel, “The Most High’s Movement”

That’s right people its Feature Friday. This is the first of many features that will be posted on this blog.

So lets welcome our first ever feature with the poet Taniel with her poem, The Most High’s Movement. First, we have a few questions for Taniel.

So, Taniel where are you from?


Nice, what do you believe a poets purpose is?

To heal and the reveal the truth with your art.

How long have you been writing and do you partake in any other creative writing?

I’ve been writing poetry since I was six. I’ve written a YA Fantasy novel called Violet Spiders of Methusela’s Grove.

Oh wow, that is awesome! What would you like people to know about poetry?

I think poetry should enlighten others.

Okay okay, do you have a favorite poet and why do you choose them?

I like several poets. I don’t have a favorite.

There are so many great ones. Do you have any upcoming events?

Only open mic events locally.

Welcome to No Line Left Behind where we leave no line behind. Continue to keep your pen busy.

Introducing The Most High’s Movement by Taniel, right here on No Line Left Behind


The Most High’s Movement

His voice is thunderous

traveling like lightning through valleys

The vast oceans represent His presence

The sky and the wind, His breath

His words are simple

Full of encouragement

The Master Author of all things

The truth and the lies

Darkness and Light

He painted the sky with the sun

To nourish and grow life

The moon is on His right side

He guides her to shimmer in the dark

His stars have different assignments

To glow and shine

Each expanding at a set apart time

His masterpieces and majesty are everywhere

The letter Y is his favorite pattern

The shape of a whale’s tail, a sign

His glory is embedded in the veins of leaves

And when a person raises their hands to praise him

He uses natural disasters to shake

man-made creations to remind them

who is in control

tornadoes, tsunamis, and earthquakes

are just a few of His moves

We call weather

To establish natural order

He brings people together

to expose bloodlines

And then separates

To show that harmony happens when people follow His ways

He is a rock, a foundation and the highest ceiling.

He is the Most High YAH.

Photo Copyright ©2020 Taniel

For all things Taniel you can follow her:

Twitter: Taniel28poet

Emerald Dream Publishing

Twitter: @EmeraldDreamPub
Instagram: emeralddreampub

Photo Copyright ©2019 Taniel

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What Are You Sacrificing?

The PBS Blog

Last week, I planned on introducing a new Black History Fun Fact Friday. I also planned on revealing the cover to the poetry contest magazine to my social media (which I will do tomorrow, time permitting). This was a busy week for me (more than usual). This isn’t to say that “busy” is a measure of importance, but last week was a hectic one for both my personal and professional life. But also, it was a good busy (more like a focused busy). I got a lot done and gained some clarity. And although I still have emails, I haven’t responded to and travel to prepare for I am sitting down in the few hours I have here before running errands to talk to you guys and send an important message to my email list.

I find that how we direct our focus determines what will show up based…

View original post 402 more words


I thought that I could stay less than perfect and still be acceptable
But you accept nothing less than an image of yourself
So i wither like grass
Hoping I will not be down trodden under your glory
Praying for rain to quench this dry ground
I strip bare all my shame
Uncover my filth
This rag filled with mistakes
Is me

I’m not a masterpiece
Ive fallen often and tried to hide behind the leaves
Broken and fearful
Sifted and weighted
But from afar you see me
You hear me
You still love me
You consume me and my shame is covered

Submerge me in your healing waters
Yes the hyssop is rough
But the stains of my heart can be stubborn sometimes
And my hands are bloodied and shaken

Here in this moment an altar arises from my tears
I sprinkle more of them on your slaughter place
I prepare my body
a sacrifice
I pull a broken heart from my chest
Piece by peice
Pain I lay it down
Hurt I lay it down
Fear I lay it down
Bitterness laid down
Resentment laid down
Anger I lay it down
Past mistakes I lay them down
Peice by peice
Potsherd by potsherd
I’m unclothed
Naked with nothing hidden
Nothing left of me
A blank slate an empty vessel
Because I can pretend nothing with you


I hope my pen leads you to healing shores.

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Black History Fun Fact Friday: What Hollywood Left out the Harriet Movie

Great Information.. Now it’s time to see the movie!

The PBS Blog

I did not intend on writing about this today but then…

I saw the Harriet movie.

Yep. I went to see it.

I know many are protesting the film, but I don’t jump on bandwagons. I wanted to see it for myself to develop my own opinion. I also knew I wanted to write about it.

There are some truths (such as her being referred to as Moses). Unfortunately, there are more inaccuracies than truth. The movie is Hollywoodish and leaves a lot out. This is a problem because there’s so much information out in 2019 that if Hollywood wanted to, it could tell this story with 100% fact. (I heard in an interview; the script was written 20 years ago). If you are planning to see it, here are some things you may want to know:

  • Harriet Tubman never had a friend named Marie Buchanon.
  • There was never a…

View original post 1,074 more words

Yecheilyah’s 3rd Annual Poetry Contest 2019: Winners Revealed

Congratulations. This could be you next year. Mark your calendars!!! Don’t miss out on this opportunity. Join the winners!

The PBS Blog

Introducing the winners of Yecheilyah’s 3rd Annual Poetry Contest 2019! 


Copyright© 2019 Chanelle Barnes

Chanelle Barnes snatched up the #1 spot with her piece, “Straight Lines.” We had such a challenging time deciding between both the poems she submitted that we decided to include her second poem as an Honorable Mention.

But the brothers said they will not be left out this year people!

Copyright© 2019 BuddahDesmond

Buddah Desmond claimed second place with his uplifting poem “Claiming the Victory.”

Don’t forget our Honorable Mentions! They didn’t come to play either. Their poems were too good to leave out. We have two returning champs from last year. Jahkazia Richardson (our #1 Winner from last year!) came with “Aya,” a powerful poem about being wrongly convicted, and Kiyana Blount (who also placed last year) crushed it with “Lioness Strength.” Dondi Springer is a newbie to the…

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