Updated: 3/14/2020

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Shalom! Welcome to my blog! My name is Tehilayah (pronounced, Te-hil -la -yah) and it means “Song of Praise to Yah.” Yah is the name of the most high and Yahoshua is the name of his son. I am a Hebrew Israelite Princess residing in Fort Wayne, Indiana with my supportive husband and children. I am known as “The Karate Mom” because my children are (wait for it) currently enrolled in Karate and they are amazing! But you didn’t come here to hear me talk about my children, did you? Below is a little bit about me:


Tehilayah is a poet, wife, and mother and has presented her poetry at various venues and impromptu poetry gatherings in her city. She enjoys singing, sewing, reading, wine, whiskey and, most importantly, words. Some of her favorite poets include but are not limited to, Langston Hughes, Maya Angelou, Amiri Baraka, Countee Cullen, Sonia Sanchez, Steven Willis, and Rudy Francisco.

Tehilayah is also a voracious reader and fell in love with Urban Fiction because of Donald Goines. From there she branched off to discover other authors like Sista Soulja and the love stories that Eric Jerome Dickey brought, Carl Weber and many more. Currently, Tehilayah is enthralled in the Ashley and Jaquavis novel series. Tehilayah reads not only for the entertainment but also for the techniques in writing.

Tehilayah has released her first book, a collection of poetry she has called, No Idle Word. No Idle Word is about encouraging the faint at heart, providing awareness to the ignorant, and healing to the broken.



And there you have it. Please be sure to follow this blog to learn more about my publishing journey and to read more of my poetry. Also, be sure to follow me online at the links below:

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