Blood & Light

How could a year just shy of 365 days bring with it light and blood?
Rays of revelation peaked through the blacked out curtains of our every day lives
There were signs, right?
Little speckles of rise and shine to start our everyday
I remember a time of closeness.
A brief stumble into the shoulder of a passerby
An exchange of folded bills and musical coins to the server at the Starbucks counter
There were no shortages of smiles then
No elevation of voices through plexy glass
Salutations offered with curved lips
No mask to cover our freedoms
We had light
Light not measured by 6ft tape and floor pasted shoe prints directing our comings and goings
We had light full like the moon through blacked out curtains
Peaking its beauty through our oblivion
Then, we had blood
Red and fierce
We painted war faces with our pain
Raised our voices with streams of light only for it to be dimmed by injustice again
We set on fire our rage
Light spread
and there was more blood
Blood in our streets
and blood in our homes
On our televisions
On our fingertips
Yet there were none on our hearts
Just blackened and hardened
But there were small moments of radiating glow in our busyless days
A pulse check
We are still here
Covered in blood and light

– Tehilayah

Remember that we are all but shattered Mirrors looking to mend our images.

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