Change is Going to Come… Evidence….

Its been a long long long time since I’ve posted on my blog. I welcome myself back from a long hiatus. I hope that you all are well in the midst of all the things that have taken place in this last year. Its 2021 and it has started off with a bang. I say that to say that we are still here. Through all of our losses and gains we made it here.
I have been away for a while. There are times when you need to just stop everything. Stop posting, stop scrolling, just stop! I have not only been away from here and I know that does nothing for my growth with this blog but sometimes you need a break. A break from all of it. a break to collect your thoughts and direction. In all the time I have taken away. I noticed a change in the way I write. A change that has been necessary. I have also watched the world change before me in so many ways. It is an inevitable thing, change is. The issue that we have with it, is the uncomfortable feeling that lingers in its shadow. Change is an opportunity to be better or to be worse. We choose the change we want to be. I wanted to be better. I wanted to be peaceable and whole. So I took time away to do so. Patience is still having her perfect work in me. I have chosen to recognize the beauty in all things and to find the joy that makes me complete. So I am here embracing change without a soured face. Learning to be patient with myself. I wrote this piece in my time away. A reflection of what I saw when I looked out the glass window of life.


The moon is stamped with your fingerprint. Only you unlock its light. The sun a glimmer from your eyes. The wind a sign from the depth of patience you have toward us. The rain, tears shedding love on a dying inheritance. But hope comes in spring. Where the chirping of birds are the tapping echo of your fingers against the thrones arm. The whirlwind only comes when you wave your hand. The seasons change at your command. The heat from summer a perfect place in your bosom. Winter, a training ground where deliverance is always near. I bow in awe of you. Every moment a beauty. Every sight is evidence that your are here.


Remember that we are all but shattered Mirrors looking to mend our images.

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