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Hey there lovely people! I hope you all are still being safe with everything that is taking place across the world. I am sure that some are on quarantine due the coronavirus sooo, I have some entertainment for you. That’s right it is Feature Friday here on No Line Left Behind. So without further ado let me introduce you to our next feature with Buddah Desmond and his poem, “Home (Don’t Give Up). However, you know how we do it here on No Line left behind. Let’s get to know him a little.

Welcome to No Line Left Behind.

So what is your name and where are you from?

My name is BuddahDesmond. I was born in Washington, DC, and raised P.G. County MD (primarily Forestville, MD and Greenbelt, MD). I currently reside in Alexandria, VA.

Okay, VA in the house! What do you believe the poets purpose is?

The poet’s purpose is to tell the truth. To be the voice of the unheard. To write about things seen and unseen. To write about the good, the bad, and all the notes that lie between. To write about the familiar, and that which makes us uncomfortable. To write that which is in your heart, mind, and soul. To evoke feelings, incite discussion, open minds, and offer different perspectives. If the poet’s work truly resonates with audience, it may inspire positive action or spark social change. 

Hmm, yes to all that! So tell us, how long have you been writing and do you partake in any other creative writing?

I’ve been writing since I was about 7 or 8 years old. I started writing short stories, and eventually moved on to song lyrics. I wrote my first poem when I was 10, but didn’t write another poem until I was 12. I continued writing song lyrics between that time, and read a great deal of poetry by Maya Angelou, Langston Hughes, Nikki Giovanni, Sonia Sanchez, and Paul Laurence Dunbar during this time. (All of the aforementioned writers are major influences.) Aside from short stories, song lyrics, and poetry, I also write prose, essays, and blog posts.     

Oh, those are some of my favorites as well. What would you like people to know about poetry?

Poetry is about getting beyond the surface. Lifting the veil if you will. As poets, we write about the human condition. The ties that band. The things that bring us together, without shying away from the very things often used to drive wedges between us. We bring our unique styles, sensibilities, and experiences to the forefront, and it colors our work. We live and breathe poetry. It’s a powerful art form, and its language is universal. There is no life without poetry. 

It takes bravery to be a poet. So I agree. Do you have a favorite poet and why do you choose them?

I have so many favorite poets. It’s hard to choose just one. But I’ll be good and mention only one of my faves today. LOL! If I were to choose one poet, I’d have to say Maya Angelou. One of my all-time favorite movies is Poetic Justice. I’m a big fan of Janet Jackson, Tupac Shakur (RIP), Regina King, Joe Torry, and John Singleton (RIP), of course. My mother and I went to see Poetic Justice opening weekend, I believe. The griping storytelling and the performances drew me in. I’ve watched it countless times. While Angelou’s poetry in the film moved me, it wasn’t until a year later that it truly began speaking to me in ways that nearly defied comprehension. Around this time I purchased a paperback of Maya Angelou’s Poems. I carried it with me and read selections from it practically everyday for a year or so. It was like my poetry bible. 

Angelou has a way with words. She commands them. Her work is sincere, passionate, and engaging. It expresses a consciousness that, no what year it is, remains relevant on social, political, cultural, and historical levels. She is a poet’s poet. When you read Angelou, you’re deeply moved and come away with a better understanding of yourself, the human race, and the world.

Yes, she is one of the greats. Her poetry has always resonated with me. Poetic Justice is one of my favorite movies of all time. So, do you have any upcoming events?

I don’t have any upcoming events yet. However, I am in the process of publishing my next project entitled, From The Inside Out. In addition, I have another poetry manuscript in the works tentatively titled, Everything I Miss(ed) At Home. So stay tuned!

Oh wow, that is so awesome. Im looking forward to supporting you. I hope that the both projects are a success.

And there you have it folks. Now we introduce to you, Home (Don’t Give Up

Home (Don’t Give Up)
by BuddahDesmond 

Home is more than the place 

where you grew up

More than the place where your family resides

It’s a place that nourishes you

Loves you

Teaches you at the turn of every moment 

of the day

Home is solid

It gives you what your soul needs, what your 

spirit is calling out for—at just the right time

Home is a provider

Of tangible and intangible things

While you can make any place home

Every place you inhabit won’t feel or be home

You may go through lifetimes of soul-searching 

before you find a place that 

welcomes you unconditionally

The place that always has its arms open, 

ready and waiting for you

Home shouldn’t shame you

Debase you

Shade you

Shouldn’t question your reason for living

Home shouldn’t abuse or neglect you

Home plants gardens of possibilities 

within you

Home offers the foundation from that 

which you grow

Even when you think there isn’t anything else 

left for home to teach you—

it does the impossible

Home is a bearer of gifts

We may not always be willing to except them

We may not know what to do with them

Trust there will be a time when these gifts will 

bless you (usually when you least expect it)

Sometimes you have to recreate home

Have to build a new home

Or seek home elsewhere

Especially when the place you’ve called home 

has betrayed or ostracized you

It may take some time, but you’ll 

find your place

Or it may find you

And when you find it—everything will 

make sense again

Everything will feel right in the world again

You’ll feel connected again

Home—there’s no place like it

Home—if you’re lost, you’ll find it

Home—if you’ve been put down, it’ll 

build you up

Home—will affirm that you are enough

Home won’t give up on you

So don’t give up on you

Don’t give up!

There you have it people! Round of applause. For all things Buddah Desmond check him out at the links below! Remember, let’s support our poets near and far.

Buddah Desmond © Copyright 2019

IG: https://www.instagram.com/buddahdesmond/

FB: https://www.facebook.com/BuddahDesmond/

Website: http://buddahdesmond.com/

Buddah Desmond (aka BDez) is a writer, poet, singer, artist, cook / baker, and health & wellness advocate based in the DMV. His work showcases the gritty side of life and imbues messages of healing, hope, and resilience. His past poetry projects include Prevail: Poems on Love, Life, and Politics (2012) and Exotic Shifter (2014). His writing has appeared in numerous publications including MOOV, MUSED, MelaNation, and LitMag. He is a member of Gamma Xi Phi, and has served as a healing leader in the DC-based arts + faith + social justice organization, The Sanctuaries. His next two projects, From The Inside Out and Everything I Miss(ed) At Home are currently in-progress.


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