I thought that I could stay less than perfect and still be acceptable
But you accept nothing less than an image of yourself
So i wither like grass
Hoping I will not be down trodden under your glory
Praying for rain to quench this dry ground
I strip bare all my shame
Uncover my filth
This rag filled with mistakes
Is me

I’m not a masterpiece
Ive fallen often and tried to hide behind the leaves
Broken and fearful
Sifted and weighted
But from afar you see me
You hear me
You still love me
You consume me and my shame is covered

Submerge me in your healing waters
Yes the hyssop is rough
But the stains of my heart can be stubborn sometimes
And my hands are bloodied and shaken

Here in this moment an altar arises from my tears
I sprinkle more of them on your slaughter place
I prepare my body
a sacrifice
I pull a broken heart from my chest
Piece by peice
Pain I lay it down
Hurt I lay it down
Fear I lay it down
Bitterness laid down
Resentment laid down
Anger I lay it down
Past mistakes I lay them down
Peice by peice
Potsherd by potsherd
I’m unclothed
Naked with nothing hidden
Nothing left of me
A blank slate an empty vessel
Because I can pretend nothing with you


I hope my pen leads you to healing shores.

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