Poetic Gumbo Event…

Hello Lovely people. So the Poetic Gumbo collaboration took place on Sunday. Can you say AWESOME? The talent that participated was amazing.

So I will tell you a little about the awesomeness that took place. First and foremost the space was intimate. Wunderkammer Company is an Art Gallery that holds different events within the artistic community. The lights were dim and art was displayed everywhere. This made a calm and laid back feel.

I arrived early with my counterparts to feel the space out and run through our collaborative piece. I met an awesome saxophone player that I later found out was only 16 years old. He was our opening before we got to the poetry and he was amazing. He was nervous as he said he had not really prepared cause he couldn’t decide whether to play off the energy of the room or things he has played before. However when he hit the stage what came forth was pure beauty. He had all the vibes! He played so well that I got too relaxed. I was ready to close my eyes and just chill off that vibe.

Next, it was time for our collaborative peice. The idea of poetic gumbo is the fact that all three of us have very different styles. All of us together created this gumbo of styles. The poem we created was amazing. Both of my counterparts are super talented. The people loved it! After the collaborative peice we all had our own sets. We had about 20-25 minutes a peice. I was up first. Drum roll….

I read around 10 poems. If you have read any of my work you know that they are not really long. So having all these poems helped me fill up my time slot. I thought that I would be nervous but I wasnt. I was surprisingly ready. I was recieved with so much love. It was amazing. I only read 2 poems from my first collection of poetry No Idle Word. I also had a table set up to promote and sell my books.

I made some wonderful connections and we are all talking about getting together for other events.

Open mic was so fly. We had some singers and musicians. I met a beautiful soul who never had done poetry before. But she shed her inhibition at the door and signed up. She opened her mouth and she found herself in spoken word. What she said was so on point. The energy was real and patient.

This was an amazing experience. I was able to share with others my love of poetry. The experience was rewarding just to vibe with so many people who love poetry as well. I’m most definitely looking forward to the next event.

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