Hello Lovely People! It has been a little while since I have made a post. Life has been a little busy. School started back for the children and I am still a karate mom and wife! lol … However, I am posting some poetry today. This passed weekend was a family reunion that I attended. While I was there I was able to write a poem about family. It is something short and sweet. Enjoy!



Functions like trains on tracks to love
Steam roll over faults
And arrives at forgiveness
It is the reunion of embrace
Arms around bodies of generations
A meeting of legacy making forever memories
It is family that holds bonds
We create a 3 stranded cord
Arms synced
Unison in one purpose of staying close
Family trees written on hearts and not just t-shirts
History defined by the presence of love
Functions like a train on tracks to love
And we all have tickets

Please be on the look out for the upcoming collection of poetry, No Idle Word! And never forget that no line is left behind. Have a blessed day! Smile even when you feel like crying!

© 2018 Tehilayah Ysrayl

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