The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me.

Like any journey there are uncertainties. But how would we know what the journey holds if we do not at least try to experience it? Introductions are always awkward and sometimes uneasy so we will just jump into it.

My name is Tehilayah (pronounced, Te-hil -la -yah). Simple right? My name means, “Song of Praise to Yah”. Can you believe that I like singing? Yes, I sing everything. I make everything a song. For example, I sang instructions to my children to get ready for bed. Yes, there was a whole song. I personally thought it was cool but the look on my children’s faces said otherwise. It’s the side of me that’s goofy and carefree. I am a wife to an amazing and supportive man who pushes me to step out my comfort zones. Sometimes I can be a bit stubborn but I have learned that after 15 years of him pushing me, he has never failed me.

But on to the most important thing about me. That’s what we are all here for, right? Well, I am a Poet. No Line Left Behind is about leaving it on the page. No matter the feeling, pain or passion, we leave it on the page. No line is left behind here. So buckle up and get ready. There are no filters here just ink on paper or in this case, keystrokes on screens.


Do not expect me to be silent, however

I do not need a mic to speak

I am impregnated with thoughts

I can birth words through these hips

My birthing stool be a notepad

These pains wont let me go

Dripping blood from my pen

I am leaving traces that stains the lines

© 2018 Tehilayah Ysrayl

Be on the look out for more poetry. So until the next time leave “No Line Left Behind”.

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