No Idle Word.. Update..

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We are Live!!!!

It’s finally here. May 7th 2019.

NO IDLE WORD is here.

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©2019 Tehilayah Ysrayl

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Where I Live

Hello lovely people. We continue on with the poetry prompt challenge for National Poetry Month. I’m a little late but here is prompt #2. The idea was to write a poem about your favorite place or the street where you live. I hope you enjoy.

Where I Live

The street where I live holds
uneven sidewalks
Barking dogs
Hand waves and morning papers
Humming garages
Singing good mornings
A new web to be get tangled in outside my door
I just tore the other one down
Laughter and screams
Chalk rainbows that paint our feet
In the afternoon
Playful patter of feet on the roof
Skateboards screeching
Bicycles crash on the uneven sidewalks
Goodbyes until tomorrow
More hand waves and humming garages that put us to sleep
©2019 Tehilayah Ysrayl

Leave No Line Left Behind.. Just breathe and let the pen bleed.

National Poetry Month Fun

Yayyyy, it’s National Poetry Month! Yes, I know this post is late and it started yesterday but I have been a little preoccupied. This month I’m practicing poetry prompts. I’m looking to expand my horizons and challenge my creativity. I will try to write a poem everyday and share it with you. Again, I said I will try. I’m setting a goal but if a miss a couple of days so be it. It’s not the end of the world. So, I share with you my first one.

Lead me to water

Dear Muse, I am a poet.
I am not always filled with sparks
That set blazes to paper
My pen is sometimes dry
Some days the only the stains to lines are created with my own tears

I am a poet that journeys
to places where darkness is afraid
Where shame is exposed and set free
Where light crowns your mistakes
And seals them with a gentle kiss
I’m a poet who needs your shade

Dear Poet, I am your muse
Who can point you to a place
Ready for your pen to shine its light
Inside the darkest parts of these folds
But you have sojourned in deserts
And the Sun has scorched your belief
I hold water for your thirst
Come and sit for a drink

©2019 Tehilayah Ysrayl

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Keep those pens busy. Stay creative and breathe…

The Most Irritating Thing about the Self-Care Movement

This poem is the truth! “And we pretend we aint cover trauma in hashtags” this line… Self care had become a social media post for likes. Real self care is done without an audience. The truth, this poem is and I hope someone is set free. Let your healing be authentic.

The PBS Blog

the fact that everything is a movement now

like the importance of self-love didn’t exist

before Instagram memes

like healing is a status update

like self-care ain’t a journey but a tweet

like healing ain’t a process but words we hang

on our Facebook walls

and pretend we ain’t cover trauma in hashtags

I see healing differently

mistakes are opportunities

failure is strength

and self-love and healing is a process

paths that we aren’t always sure to take

we become masters of ourselves

only to begin again

like a battle we don’t know if we’ve won yet

a journey, healing is

and we master the parts of ourselves

until there are no more apologies

in our throats

until everything we do doesn’t sound like


until we value ourselves like we do

likes on a post

until burden ain’t heavy no more

cause we learned how to carry it


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Poetry Contest

Hey there lovely people. Im stopping by to tell you about an awesome opportunity. There is currently a poetry contest where the winner can win $500. They are currently accepting late submissions. If your interested you still have time. Click the link below to sign up!

First Poems of 2019, Realistic Poetry


I am not the organizer of this contest. I am all about promoting poetry. Please read all subscription details pertaining to the contest.