Fall Through..

He said his lips

were holy

Said that I would ascend

to new heights with his kiss.

Didnt know

that when I kissed him

I would fall through his love

instead of into it.



National Poetry Day!

Its National Poetry Day! Wooooo Hoooooo!!

Its always a joy when poetry is celebrated. And today is the day.

I want to start today with this article.

National Poetry Day: 10 African-American Poets Known For Words Of Wisdom

Click the link below. Its always important to highlight the greats!

10 African American Poets

Keep the pen to the paper today. Write away.. Poetry on a Friday… Winning!!

No line left behind…

Quiet Time…

Take the time to sit quietly. Enjoy the peace of stillness. Silence the chaos around you. Defeat your anxiety. Taste your smile. And do it as often as you need so that you can be a light even to your self, so you can find the path back to you!

Make the rest of the week great!

Remember, No Line Left Behind!!


A symphony

An orchestra

A choir in the night

Creation is singing a new song

The sun has taken its bow

The moon takes center stage to reveal rest as the curtains open

Patience and stillness blanket the room

No applause just deep breaths and hope that this song never ends

A symphony

An orchestra

A choir in the night

Creation is singing a new song

It’s the Sabbath a day of rest

Listen close as they sing of deliverance

Stay tuned… No Line Left behind!

Introduce Yourself – Introducing Guest Author Tehilayah Ysrayl

Thanks for the opportunity.. 💜.. Check out this interview!

The PBS Blog

Today I’d like to extend a warm welcome to Tehilayah Ysrayl. Welcome to The PBS Blog! Let’s get started.

What is your name and where are you from?

My name is Tehilayah Yahqar Ysrayl. I am from Fort Wayne, Indiana.

For those who don’t know, tell us what your name means.

My name means a song of praise to Yah.

Wonderful. What would your perfect writing/reading room look like?

Oh…I have never been asked this before. Hmm. I would have to say it would be white with splashes of earth tones, you know browns, tans, and greens. I would have an oversized reading chair with a tan blanket laid across. Next to the chair would be a table that displays the current book I am reading and an always ready wine glass. Across the room would be this glass desk with an executive chair and a new computer would be…

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