And We Rise

Black earth rising from ashes of division
Birth names restored
Lineage given a tree with branches
And leaves that now grow
Blood stained roots nurtured
By many waters
What doesnt kill us waits for another chance
And resiliance is a garment we dont take off

Stay Tuned… No Line Left Behind…Just Breathe


I Write…

I write because its the only voice I may have some days
I write so that planets dont fall from the sky
So birds will sing thier early morning songs on my windowsil
I write to abandon my fears
I write so the ground does not birth earthquakes
I write so I don’t leave my trail on sunken ground
I write so I dont forget who hands I stare into
I write so the pen doesn’t haunt my dreams
I write so the smell of turning pages makes you smile
I write so fire can dance at night
And maybe you will too
I write so love will find its place on your shoulders
Hug you through your giggles
I write so tears dont become waterfalls
I write so the lines on the paper won’t eat me alive
I write so that erasers turn to rocks
I write
so that I can leave a reminder
That I was here

Stay Tuned for more poetry… No Line Left Behind.. Breathe….

Coming soon… No Idle Word…

Friday Fun Day… Love

So it’s Friday and instead of poetry, we have music for your listening pleasure. The hubby and I were head bobbing while rolling around yesterday and this song came on and it was love. Hip hop is not the same. The message has changed and it has lost its substance. I used to love her. Now, she is just a memory from a not so distant past.

I start to think, and then I sink
Into the paper, like I was ink
When I’m writing, I’m trapped in between the lines
I escape, when I finish the rhyme
I start to think, and then I sink
Into the paper, like I was ink
When I’m writing, I’m trapped in between the lines
I escape, when I finish

I got love, l-o-v-e and I be
Love, l-o-v-e to emcee

Get love, l-o-v-e and I be
Love, l-o-v-e, I emcee
Get love, l-o-v-e and I be
Love, l-o-v-e to emcee
Get love, l-o-v-e and I be
(love, love) 
The M-O-S D-E-Finitely

I love the first verse of this song… It’s love, yall!

Enjoy your day! Remember to Leave No Line Left Behind… and don’t forget to Breathe!

If I Could…

Hey there it’s Tuesday and we got poetry (Yayyyy).

If I Could…

If I could bend the sky for you
Turn this world on its axis
Maybe fold it
Hmm, maybe hold it.

If I could pull a cloud from its home
Place it under your head and watch you sleep
If I could grab the sun rays and sprinkle it’s light in your coffee
If I could carry a river in my arms
I would be the well you drink from
If I could place the moon on your night stand

I could shed light in your darkness
If I could swallow the rain
If I could capture the winds in a bottle
So you can stand tall in the storm
If I could crumble mountains you would never have to climb
If I.
If I could do these for myself

I would do it for you.

Stay tuned …No Line Left Behind… Just Breathe….

Self Care Sunday

Good Day lovely people. Its Sunday yes! First day of the start if this week. I’m rested from a awesome Sabbath day. (The day of rest is the 7th day of the week, also known as Saturday). Just a little tidbit. But, on to Self Care.

I decided this year that I will take better care of me. So I decided to do some self care things today. Check out some pics below. Now, let’s talk about this self care thang.

What is Self Care?

There has been a heavy response lately in the promotion of self care. Now, self care is not being so engrossed in self that you take on a selfish attitude. Selfishness and self care are not the same thing. Self care is a time to be intimate with your self. Now when I say intimate I’m not talking sexual, get your minds out the gutter. Intimacy is a time to become close to self. Its a moment that you take to pour into yourself for the purpose of rejuvenation so you can pour into others. Do the things to put a smile on your face, no matter what that is.

So I hope today you take the time to invest in yourself, because I did. I did my nails by myself. They are not perfect but I saved money and I’m satisfied.

See the poem I wrote on Self Care here.

Remember lovely people Leave No Line Left Behind and Breathe.

Wisdom Wednesday..

Hey there lovely people. I hope your day is bright and going well. There is only one piece of wisdom I leave with you today.

“Pray for your victories. The struggle is not the destination”.

I have been thinking about this all morning. I woke up thinking about victory. What does it mean to you to be victorious? We all go through life’s struggles but we dont have to stay there. Yes, its easy to wallow in it. It’s easier not to face struggle and to coward down in it’s face. But what good is that? What good is it, that you lay down and give up? What if the very thing you need is right there around the corner? What if it’s a knock away on the door of opportunity? If we give up and coward, we never learn what victory is.

Be victorious today. That extra mile you wanted to walk but didnt think you could make it, walk it. That promotion you want, go for it. They can only say no. Look “No” in the face and say move, so that you can get to the next opportunity. You got this!

Stay tuned…New Blogs and Content…More Poetry… No Line Left Behind… Just Breathe!

Meditation Monday..

Hey there lovely people.. Yes today I call Meditation Monday! Yayyy!

I have been in a place where I am trying to be more mindful of my breath. I am more aware of my surroundings. I have made a conscience decision to slow down. Those that know me, know that I talk fast. I will go one hundred miles an hour if you dont stop me. I live a fast pace life but that has all been slowed down. When you slow down you notice things you never did before. This pace is pretty cool.

So whats is todays meditation? Peace.

People see peace in this picture above and they have thoughts that it’s beautiful and peaceful looking. I know I did. But peace is more than that. It’s a fight to keep the chaos under control.

Notice how the waters are raging over the rocks behind the swan. It can be a deafening sound and very distracting. Not only are the waters in chaos but right under the surface, where the swan is resting, is the pattering of feet. The swan’s feet are moving at a rapid pace to stay above the water and not be pulled into the raging water. It takes a great amount of strength to not succumb to the distractions of chaos.

Starring and meditating on this picture I took away a new understanding. Peace doesn’t always come easy. Its not always wrapped up in rainbows and sunshine. Sometimes right along side peace there is chaos. There are rushing waters and in the rain crashing thunder. You just have to decide what you will submit to. Peace or chaos it’s your choice. Its your choice to rise above all the distraction and negativity to keep your peace. Sometimes you will have to quicken your steps to remove yourselves from situations and follow a new path. In the journey to find peace you sometimes have to be alone.

Today, like the swan I turn my back to the raging waters and I patter my feet underneath the still waters, leaving ripples of smiles that reflect light. I will go alone if that is what it takes.

Keeping my peace all 2019 y’all!

Stay tuned for more… No line left behind…Dont forget to breathe!