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I Am Light

I Am Freedom

©2018 Tehilayah Ysrayl

No line left behind..


Hebrew Poetry

Hello beautiful people. I hope your pens have been busy.
Lately I have been studying poetry as a whole. I have been revisiting some of my favorite poets, Langston Hughes, Maya Angelou, Countee Cullen and so many more. But I wanted to go deeper. Then it dawned on me. My Name! Why didnt I think of that? My name is hebrew and it means song of praise. A tehillah/tehila is hebrew for praise or praises or what we call the Psalms today. What didnt dawn on me immediately, was that the Psalms were poetry. (Duh, you should see my face right now). There are times where I really space it, smh. Sometimes when you understand your name you understand your purpose! I have really been meditating on my name because this is a big name to carry.

For as long as I could remember I have loved poetry. Before there was the sonnet, free verses, iambic pentanemers, haiku, and lyrics there were psalms (tehila). Before I caressed the pen and words found themselves breaking free through ink, poetry had etched its place in history.

Hebrew thought has never been abstract. Everything is always described by its function. The same way poetry uses word play and metaphors to describe an action or to create a visual. For example, Psalms 42:1 says, As the deer pants for the water brooks, So pants my soul for You, O Yah (I use the Fathers name according to Psalms 68:4). Can you visualize the picture that is being painted in your mind? Yes! This is poetry! 

So I’m studying more and desiring to perfect this craft/gift. Painting pictures of my words before my pen manifests them. Using the psalms as my encouragement and one day I will inhabit the name I was given. 

Don’t forget to keep the pen to paper! Leave no line left behind!


We traveled too far from home
Passed the gates of refuge onto
The path connected to our demise
Too far from Edens gate
We ate from the hands of poison
Away from nourishment and pureness
Away from fruit that kept us
Now we fight against hunger pains
And being fools
Yes, we traveled too far from home
We till this flesh creating a new man
transformed from the dust of this ground
Instead the wind blows us to and fro
Dust we keep returning
Repeating the same sins and hiding from the call of his voice
Too afraid to meet him face to face
So we cover our freedom with captive coats of skin
Yes we’ve travelled too far from home

©2018 Tehilayah Ysrayl

Stay tuned…

No Line Left Behind

Thank you…

I am not one to be ungrateful. I love to celebrate the small accomplishments. Because once the larger accomplishments and goals are met you can be humbly grateful. So I want to say, “thank you”.

Thank You for your support of No Line Left Behind. Though I was waiting until I hit 70 subscribers, 68 is a better accomplishment because truth is, I didnt know I could do this in the first place. I know 68 seems miniscule to the thousands of subscribers some have. I just appreciate the humble beginnings. I know I’m not as consistant as other bloggers but I’m trying. This has been really far out of my comfort zone, however this experience has been rewarding. So again thank you.

I am setting new goals and looking for a new aim. All in the meantime being a wife, mom, daughter, sister and friend. Evaluating and transforming my mind to be the best version of me is my goal. So to all those who support me, know that you are appreciated. Your likes do not go unnoticed!

Always be the best you even when no one is watching!

Till next time lovely people, No Line Left Behind!

Pen Speak…

I write on these lines with my tears
My body a pen with words I cant not muster
So I cry more
Staining the pages
Cupping this body between my fingers
Delicate its intentions
And I cry more
Hoping this peice speaks to me
For me
With me
Hoping the ending stanza frees me

© 2018 Tehilayah Ysrayl

No Line Left Behind…

Stay Tuned…

Fall Through..

He said his lips

were holy

Said that I would ascend

to new heights with his kiss.

Didnt know

that when I kissed him

I would fall through his love

instead of into it.

© 2018 Tehilayah Ysrayl


National Poetry Day!

Its National Poetry Day! Wooooo Hoooooo!!

Its always a joy when poetry is celebrated. And today is the day.

I want to start today with this article.

National Poetry Day: 10 African-American Poets Known For Words Of Wisdom

Click the link below. Its always important to highlight the greats!

10 African American Poets

Keep the pen to the paper today. Write away.. Poetry on a Friday… Winning!!

No line left behind…